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Making the Mountain Even More Spectacular

Passion for Competition and Having Fun

Mountain recreation enthusiasts share a common respect and passion for this mountain. They also LOVE to have a great time! Most of the people who pursue this sport are extraverts, adventuresome by nature and ready to play!

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There is also a competitive streak in those who seek to carve the perfect run on this mountain side. This combination of passion, competitiveness, playfulness and pursuing the challenge makes some great events at Mt. Hood Meadows. The Northwest is a hot spot for recreational and competitive ski racing and snowboard competitions. Clubs and leagues schedule training, races and competitions throughout the season. Additionally, Meadows hosts many race and freestyle competitions. Check out our Calendar for the events schedule.

Lifestyle Events

Now that the competitive events are out of the way, let's have some FUN! Meadows is known for throwing a great party. It seems like there's always something happening at Meadows - microbrew sampling in at the Brew Fest in December, ringing in the New Year with live entertainment, celebrating responsibility Living the Code at the Safety Fair, Spring Flinging in March or Pond Skimming in April.

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If you have an event you'd like us to place on a calendar, send an email with the name of the event, time, location, a brief description, name of the organizer, phone number, web links and email address. If it's appropriate we'll post it on our calendar.


Skimmers dress up in costume to skim the pond - 1st place $500 cash!