Multi-Week Programs

Youth & Adult Multi-Week Programs:

Our multi-week groups are a great opportunity to experience some of the best skiing Meadows has to offer, while meeting new people and developing lasting friendships. Sign up for 4, 6, or 8 week programs which include bus transportation to the mountain for each session. A “walk-on” option is also available, but priority is given to those who book a multi-week program.
Bus Logo Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort
To find a bus in your neighborhood, click the bus icon. For more information on signing up for multi-week midweek programs, please call us at 503.337.2222, or email us.

Become a Group Organizer!

Organize a group trip to Mt. Hood Meadows and receive ski awards! Bring your church, youth group, school group, corporate group, scout group or a group of friends to Mt. Hood Meadows, and earn award points. These points can be redeemed for free skiing (and more!) at Mt. Hood Meadows. 
The simplest way to benefit as an organizer is to bring a group of at least twenty people to Mt. Hood Meadows, and you'll receive a full day of skiing for free.
If you are organizing a minimum of four group ski trips (with 20 or more participants) each year, you should become a registered group organizer by contacting us at 503.337.2222. If you are approved you will receive a GO code. From then on, each group you bring to the mountain of 20 or more paid riders can qualify you to receive and accrue Mt. Hood Meadows Group Organizer Award Points. Each year you will have the opportunity to redeem these award points for ski and snowboard products, including the Mt. Hood Meadows unlimited season pass.
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