Housing + Transportation

Where to Live and Getting to the Mountain


Mt. Hood Meadows does not provide employee housing, but many affordable options are available in our area. Most of our staff lives in the Hood River area. Hood River is a small town that is bustling with tourists during the summer months but has far fewer visitors during the winter. Because of this, there tend to be many good rental options available, often at very affordable rates. Good sources for info on area rentals are gorge.net classifieds and the Hood River News.


Meadows provides daily transportation from Hood River throughout the season, as well as service on a limited schedule from Sandy. Transportation is available for those working both the day and night shifts. Unfortunately, due to space limitations, the bus is strictly for the use of those employees traveling to and from their shift and is not for use on days off.

If you do not intend to use our employee transportation, we very highly recommend arranging a carpool with your coworkers. This is an easy way to save a bunch of money, add convenience, and reduce congestion, pollution, and other unpleasant stuff all at the same time! 

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