Adult Clinics - Grand Masters Clinic (Midweek)

Grand Masters Clinic (Midweek): $64 Clinic Only, $119 W/Lift

This clinic is designed for seniors who are intermediate or above skiers or riders. Our certified senior specialist instructors will show you modern techniques specifically designed to help you ski/ride more easily and efficiently so you can get the most out of your day.

This Clinic Meets at 10 AM at the Adult Ski School Meeting Area and runs from 10 AM - 2:30 PM with an hour break for lunch. Clinics are led by our most highly certified instructors and each clinic includes video analysis of your skiing/riding.

Dates Offered: 1/15, 1/23, 1/28

Making a reservation is highly recommended. To reserve your spot call our sales desk at (503)337-2222, ext. 1222 or email