Youth Lessons (Age 4-14) - Children's Learning Center Check-In Steps

Step 1
We recommend 8 AM arrival time on weekends and holidays, and 9 AM arrival on weekdays. Please allow for extra time for busy days and weather/traffic conditions. Registration closes at 9:30 AM for morning and full day lessons, 12:30 PM for afternoon lessons and 3:30 PM for Twilight lessons. Go directly to computers and fill out your child’s registration and liability form. *If you need to check their height, weight and shoe size, there is a scale, and chart along far wall.

*This must be done for every child, even if they have their own equipment.

Print the form and make sure to fill out and sign both sides.  This is information will be saved each visit, just go and print off another form and sign the liability. Please update height, weight and shoe size as needed.

Step 2
Head to sales register and pay - be sure to place the correct RFID card on each child.  The card needs to go in a secure top left pocket.

Step 3
Registration Desk – this is where your child will be placed into the correct ability level and class for their lesson.  Bringing in previous lesson, report cards or ability levels can be helpful.  

Step 4
Sign-in desk – this is where you separate from your child for the day. Sign in and receive wristband, be sure to list any special needs or allergies on sign in sheet. Your child can be signed in between 8:30 and 9:30 AM for the morning/full day lessons and between 12:15 and 12:30 PM for the afternoon sessions. We do ask that this is a peaceful separation. Please make sure if they have their own equipment that it is handed over to the indoor staff at this time. Enjoy your day on the mountain!

Step 5
Visitation during lessons – be as inconspicuous as possible. Some children get distracted, compromising lesson quality. 

Step 6
Pick up/sign out – Must happen in Children’s Learning Center at sign-in desk. Only those with a wristband will be allowed to enter. Pick up times are 12 PM for the morning session, 3 PM for the afternoon session and 6:30 PM for Twilight Club. We will wait to let parents into the back of the ski school until after their child’s class has come back inside, to help with crowding. Only parents of half day children will be allowed back at lunchtime to pick up their children.  
Parents must enter only through the front sign-in desk, not through the back door. This guarantees only authorized parents and staff are allowed in our secure area.
Parents must talk with instructor before leaving with your child to get a report card. Children must get signed out by parent.  All equipment will be placed on counter following the check-out station. Equipment can be used until closing, however personal gear must be removed from the Children’s Learning Center by 4 PM or 7 PM if in Twilight Club. Any left over personal items will be brought to concierge. Rental equipment can be returned to the concierge or rentals after Children Learning Center hours are over.
Post your child’s report card on the refrigerator (to show your pride) and remember to bring it back next time so we know what class to place them in!