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Grant Myrdal PhotographyClick here to go directly to daily galleries or scroll down to the galleries below this text, where you will also find last summer's wind photos and archives of previous ski seasons.

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Grant Myrdal Photography is back for his fifth season in business at Mt Hood Meadows. He offers a professional action photo service for all skiers and boarders. As a memory of a great day skiing or a freeze frame of your best powder turn, this is an opportunity to get the photo you always dreamed of.

All skill levels are catered to, from the first tentative turns of a child in the Ballroom carpet to extreme skiing in Heather and Clark Canyons. With years of experience shooting for magazines around the world, this service offered by Grant is all about providing high quality yet affordable photos to you and your family and friends.

On mountain, look for the blue banners which indicate where he's shooting. One staked at the entrance to the lift chair lets you know we are working that chair, and a second up on the slopes indicates our shooting position on the run. When you see the blue flags, ski your best towards him while he shoots sequences of each turn you lean into, and remember to smile! Take note of the time you ski by to enable easy image retrieval.

New this year is a photographer at the base area every weekend covering everything from the Ballroom Carpet to Buttercup, as well as a portrait service available on request. Look for the blue flag and ask for Patty. She will set up awesome portraits with the mountain backdrop on clear days or snow laden trees on snow days. Perfect for Christmas cards, kids, families, friends to get your portraits before you head out skiing. She will also be staking out the the HRM nordic ski track for photos of all those who don't need lift chairs to get their goods.

To view and purchase your photos, go to the photo booth located on the 2nd floor of the North lodge, or go online here and click on the "Meadows Action Photos" link. Galleries are arranged by date. Grant's photo booth location in the North lodge opens right out onto the slopes so feel free to come visit him while you boot up and watch slideshows on the big screen TV to get pumped for the day.
Days of operation are Wednesday through Sunday, weather permitting. Snow, sun and wind are good and he'll be there! Rain, fog and whiteout blizzard are not as good so he normally retreats when he isn't able to see guests anymore.

Business hours in the photo booth are 1-5 PM every day of operation. Grant will be happy to serve you personally and help you find your photos quickly. Also, stop by the booth to sign up for your private shoots and for the photo workshops. Grant looks forward to seeing you for the 2013/2014 season!

Private Photo Shoots

Ever popular, this is the best deal for serious powderhounds or families alike. For a flat hourly rate, see pricing below. Grant will follow with you as you ride the mountain, setting up photo shoots along the way. For a powder lover, that means getting epic photos straight out of the mags. Working with your skill level and on your favorite runs, he will set up two or three shots per run and have you and your friends hit it just in the right place for the perfect shot. All the photos plus any portraits he takes along the way are yours for the same price burnt to a CD. Most private shoots generate between 300 and 500 photos, all included in the same price. For families and visitors to the mountain, this is a great way to get to know more of the mountain while Grant guides you around. The hour long shoot will include portraits of the family in a variety of locations, action shots of each member of the family, and shots of the whole family or group skiing together. If you have special places or favorite runs as a family, let Grant know and he'll create some awesome images to enrich the memory. All photos from the hour shoot will be burnt to a CD and will be available the same day.

Mountain Photo Workshops at Mt. Hood Meadows

Want to learn to shoot snow photos like a pro, while spending a fabulous day on the mountain? The photo workshops offered by Grant Myrdal Photography allow this unique opportunity, exclusive to Mt Hood Meadows. Targeted specifically at snow and mountain shooting, the full day workshops which are scheduled for the first Saturday of every month, equip you with the tools to create spectacular photos in all conditions. Participants learn how to shoot on manual exposure and how to expose correctly for the snow, everytime. The seemingly complex relation between aperture and shutter speed is demystified and a range of simple but effective composition tools for both high action images and serene landscape photos is explained. The best part is getting out on the mountain with Grant to put the theory into practice, and realizing that it is possible to learn all of this in one day.

Read what these satisfied students said about the workshops:
“Thanks for an amazing day – I can’t believe I took those shots and I can’t believe how much I learned in one day. I’m so inspired to get up there and do it again.”

“You have the gift of making technical information interesting and easy to understand. I would recommend your class to any photographer at any level of expertise who wants to learn how to take really great pictures, anywhere!”
Full day class (9 AM - 4 PM), including tuition and take-home summary notes costs $175. Minimum registration of three people for the class. The workshops are on January 11th, February 9th, March 8th and April 6th. For more information and to reserve a place in the classes, stop by the Photo Booth or call Grant at 914.310.9051.

Contact Info

Photo Booth located on second floor in the North Lodge.
Phone: 503.337.2222, ext 1228
Cell: 914.310.9051
View images online at and click on "Meadows Action Photos."

Grant Myrdal Photography

Grant is a South African born photographer currently living in Bend, OR. He grew up surfing some of the best waves in the world at Jefferey's Bay and won the prestigious J-Bay Billabong Pro in 1987. After traveling the world for 5 years, he settled in the US and discovered the magic of the mountains, first in the Wasatch range of Utah and now in the Cascades. His photos have been published in numerous magazines worldwide, including Outside, Surfer, Surfing, The Surfers Path and African Surfrider. In addition, his striking images of moving water have been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Newport RI and New York City. To see more of his work and to purchase fine art prints, go to

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Photo Prices:
• $12 per image, burnt to CD
• $22.50 for 8x10 print
• $45 for 12x18 print

Private Shoots*:
• Single - $185
• 2 people - $135 per person
• 3 people - $110 per person
• 4 people - $80 per person
• 5-9 people - $60 per person
• 10 or more - $40 per person
* Price include all photos from the hour shoot burnt to CD

Photo Workshop: $175