Stadium Express Contest

First Chair on Stadium Express!

You told us why you, or someone you know, should be on first chair the day Stadium Express opens this season! We had a lot of great entries, and selected four winners. We wish we could give first chair to everyone that entered. We chose these entries to represent those that did enter and everyone who loves Mt. Hood Meadows. The winners will each receive a lift ticket and $50 gift card, and they'll be recognized at the launching ceremony, and the best prize of all... share first chair with their co-winners!

We may be opening Stadium Express on Saturday or it may open on Sunday. Or, it may not get open until the next storm. It all depends on the snow! (More info to come.)

Announcing the winners (in no particular order):

Michael Hummel:
I was recently diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis at the age of 20. Which means arthritis of the spine. I was hospitalized and unable to walk for a month because of inflammation in my hips. For the past couple of months I have been doing everything possible to heal myself and be able to snowboard this year. It is my passion and I would be miserable without going up to the mountain, especially Meadows. It has been one hell of a journey dealing with this pain and treatment, but everything is worth it as long as I can snowboard. Good luck to everyone. No matter who gets first chair we will all have a good season!   

Jeff Calkins:
I would love for my daughter to get the chance at " first chair ". Something for me to tell the grand kids about their mom, as I'm putting them on it for the first time. But not for awhile, she is only 19. Our first time snowboarding was 9 years ago, at Meadows. We have had season passes ever since, going 30-50 times per season. Excellent father-daughter bonding tool. Friends have asked her to get a different pass. Her reply, " This is me and my dads thing, and we go to Meadows", followed by " it's too flat there anyway". We love Lower Heather and Private Reserve. We rode Yellow/Stadium alot with her always saying she wished it started back there and ended up there. So if not first chair, atleast that wish came true. p.s. she photographs well

Andy Crump:
I've had a season's pass at Meadows for 35+ years and would like to share this gift card with a good friend in need. My mother also volunteered at Meadows for 30+ years as a mid-week advisor and is named after Nettie's run.

Jace Curtin:
'T'was the night before "First chair" and all through Mt. Hood
Not a skier was stirring it was all understood.
The "New" Quad was built with love and great care.
In hope that snow fall soon would be there!

The "Riders" were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of Mt. Hood Meadows danced in their heads.
With skiers in base layers and riders in their gear
all settled in waiting for the season to be here.

When out on the slopes there came a great snow fall
We all sprang from our beds to answer the call.
To Mt. Hood meadows driving safely but fast,
tore into the parking lot we got there at last!

The moon glimmered off the new-fallen snow
gave the glimpse of the "New" lift on the slopes below.
when what to our wondering eyes should appear.
But the OPS team, groomers and patrol all quite clear.

Tom with his brass hammer so lively and quick
We knew in a moment the ice was quite thick!
More rapid then snow flurries they worked as they came,
they whistled and shouted and called them by name:

Now Buttercup, Now Mt. Hood Express!
Now Cascade, Now Vista Express!
Now Hood River! Now Heather!
Now Shoot Star! Now STADIUM EXPRESS!

To the top of the mountain up the snow wall
Now ski away, ride away, fly away all!

Oh what a story to my children I will share
about Mt. Hood Meadows and being on "First Chair"!
Yes, this will be a cherished and lifetime memory,
the day forever shared with all Mt Hood Meadow's Family!