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Donation Requests

Thank you for thinking of us to support your charitable fundraising efforts.
Mt. Hood Meadows receives a staggering amount of donation requests from wonderful organizations such as yours. We fulfill many requests, but due to the volume of requests received, we are unable to support every organization that asks.
In general, we support Northwest-focused organizations with an emphasis on the environment, health, wellness, sports, recreation, youth-oriented programs and schools.

Please Note:

  • Only 1 donation request will be granted per organization in a rolling year. If it has been less than a year since we donated to your organizations, your request will not be approved.
  • We will consider your specific donation request but we may not grant exactly what you requested. 
  • Requests MUST be received at least eight (8) weeks prior to the date of your event.
  • We cannot verbally deny or commit to donate; all correspondence will be via email.  Our response to your request will be emailed as time permits once it has been reviewed and could be sent as late as the week of your event.
  • We are unable to complete donor information forms.  All pertinent information about our donation will be listed on our donation.
  • There is no cash value to our donations.  The value may not be applied to the purchase of another product.
  • Our donations may not be resold.  Reselling a donation will result in the donation being invalidated.
  • Due to the high volume of requests we receive, all requests must be made through our online donation request form. We no longer accept requests via fax, telephone, or mail.

Please follow this link to our donations request page.