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Winter Summer Clash Meadows Offers Memorial Day Weekend Operations

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A snowboarder makes a spring carve on Cascade at Mt. Hood Meadows(Mt. Hood, OR — Immediate Release) — It’s the intersection of winter and summer Memorial Day Weekend at Mt. Hood Meadows. Meadows plans to operate two lifts - the Daisy chair and the Cascade Express quad to access spectacular wide open snow fields Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day Weekend. Lift hours are 8 AM - 2 PM each day weather can conditions permitting.

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Powerful Storm forecast to bring Big Time Powder - What You Need To Know

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A snowboard shreds new powder while his buddy watches at Mt. Hood MeadowsThe brunt of this winter storm will hit over the next 48 hours. We expect at least a foot of snow overnight by our scheduled Monday morning lift openings, with another two or more feet by Tuesday morning. All this snow is being delivered by an active storm with very strong winds. So while we are all looking to dive into this fresh powder, we do need to set some expectations.

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Icy storm and power fluctuations delay lifts

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It’s still nine days to when winter officially begins, but this major winter storm has blown it’s icy breath on Mt. Hood Meadows. The good news is it brought ten inches of overnight snow - but before the snow there was extended periods of freezing rain. Deicing and power fluctuations delayed lift openings, and required a lift evacuation of passengers from the Blue lift.

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New snow excitement

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It’s always exciting to see enough snow falling to play in. And whether you’re a seasoned snow enthusiast or are new to it like Koa the Golden Lab, playing in new snow gets us excited about the the approach of winter. This snowfall prompts us to get ready for the season - get out your gear, apply some wax, do some squats, hit the ski show for some great deals, dig out your snow tires and…

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Holiday Storm Expected to Affect Operations Saturday

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Winter storm advisory for Mt. Hood SaturdayOkay - maybe we’ve been doing too many snow dances! The current forecast would make Saturday the storm of the season - with high winds and the possibility of one to two feet of snow in a 24 hour period. That’s going to be awesome for our season (and for building up the Cascade snowpack) but for tomorrow, let’s say we expect it to be gnarly.

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Perfect Storm Disrupts Lift Operations on 50th Anniversary

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Blue lift line at Mt. Hood MeadosTo our guests who weathered our chaotic morning January 27.

The confluence of high winds, fluctuating freezing levels and freezing rain played havoc on the Mt. Hood Express, Stadium Express and Shooting Star Express high speed quads. Resort official explain how this "perfect storm" of freezing rain disrupted lift operations, yet the persistent efforts of the mountain team prevailed.

Hood River Meadows Opens

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It came in spits and spurts over the weekend, but when all said in done the slow moving storm dropped a little over a foot of snow - enough to refresh the upper mountain and reopen Hood River Meadows terrain.

Rain will limit lift operations today search continues for Steve Leavitt

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Rain will affect our lift operations today as the lower mountain is very soggy. HRM will be closed to public today and we don’t expect any higher mountain lifts either. Lifts will run from 9 AM - 4 PM today. Midweek bus programs have been postponed. The good news is the forecast says freezing levels drop overnight for new snow on Friday, in time for Meadows after Dark with 9 AM - 9 PM hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The March that Roared

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It’s the season that keeps on giving - month after month after month of endless powder days, face shots and white outs. Enjoy the video shot by Hette Olyano (on his phone) with Nate Turner storm riding and enjoying the freshies.

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Meadows Powder is Outrageous

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A powderful storm is bringing delightful conditions to Mt. Hood MeadowsLongtime locals are having a hard time remembering a season when the powder has been so good. The latest storm has brought 28 inches of powder, and the storm continues today. 

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#KeepCoolCarPool: Awesome conditions will test parking capacity this holiday weekend

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Attendants assist guests park at Mt. Hood MeadowsWhat do you know - it's another holiday weekend and the conditions are superb - arguably the best they have been in decades. With the all this new snow, and the likelihood of blue skies this weekend, we expect our parking lots will be reaching capacity Saturday and Sunday. We are taking action by encouraging more of our team to carpool and utilize the employee shuttles we provide. We encourage our guests to do the same.

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We are open daily for the season!

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Early season powder day at Mt. Hood MeadowsThe long-awaited storm that was supposed to arrive before Thanksgiving, has landed squarely on Mt. Hood Meadows. It’s dropped a foot-and-a-half of light powder, which delighted those seeking their first powder plunges of the new season. With this snow and a forecast for more - we are moving into daily operations.

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Three to five FEET for the Cascades - Matt Zaffino Powder Alert

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KGW Meteorologist Matt Zaffino telemark skiingMaybe Oregon skiers should pay homage to Father Thanksgiving instead of Father Christmas, because this is when we want to be gifted with cold, fluffy delight.  To coin a phrase that many of you may hope to never hear or read again, Old Man Turkey is delivering the goods over Thanksgiving weekend. This is going to turn into a really memorable start to what she be an extremely memorable ski season in the Northwest.

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Winter Storm Rages at Meadows

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A winter storm warning is developing into its full potential and Mt. Hood Meadows is being blasted with wind driven snow this evening. The storm moved in this morning and by noon there was a couple of inches of new snow. But the storm picked up in intensity in the afternoon and was dropping snow at up to 2 inches / hour by early evening.

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April Freshies and Last Hurrah for HRM

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Fresh snow in April is a treat that many skiers never fully appreciate. Five inches of fresh yesterday means some great wintery conditions today. 

With warmer weather, we’re giving HRM a few days off. Hood River Express and the Hood River Meadows Skier Services Center will not be open Wednesday, Thursday or Friday this week, but they are scheduled for this weekend (Saturday and Sunday April 9 and 10). Those will be the last scheduled days of operation at HRM for the season, so hit your favorite lines while you can. We’ll see you up here soon!

Blustery Storm Sets Up Dust in the Wind Powder Monday Morning

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Meadows FilmFest winner Jake Woodard should have been listening to Dust in the Wind by Kansas Monday morning, as he shred the powdery slopes at Meadows. The major storm blew in Monday, and he was able to get the best of the light dusty powder before lifts were placed on wind standby in the afternoon. The National Weather Service forecasts another 2 to 3 feet of snow for Meadows through Thursday, a perfect early Christmas present for all of our skiers and snowboarders!


Meadows Season Begins Friday with Daily Lift Operations

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Meadows opens for the season Friday!

MT. HOOD, OR (Immediate Release) – Mt. Hood Meadows will begin daily operations for the 2015/16 season Friday. Meadows has received nearly a foot-and-a-half of new snow in the last 36 hours from a major powder making Northwest storm. The resort reports a 22-inch base at the 5500 foot base area level, and more than four feet at the 6200 foot level. Forecasts say the storm could drop a foot or more through the weekend.

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Friday Freshies on the Mt. Hood Express

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The day started out with four or five inches of fresh snow frosting the slopes of Meadows. Mt. Hood Express ran for the first day this season, so that meant virgin snow, virgin powder on virgin terrain. With snow continuing through the day it was Friday freshies for everyone! Enjoy the video! With more snow in the forecast it's only going to get better this weekend!

Riders: Caressa Binion, Kyle Skutch, Tracy Thomsen, Pierce Hodges
Video and Editing: Pierce Hodges

Conditions Report

Meadows will operate lifts Friday through Sunday

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Meadows will offer another preview weekend

  • Current storm building a solid base for the season
  • Mt. Hood Express quad scheduled to access for more runs
  • Special lift ticket pricing for "Final" preview

Thanks to a lumbering early season storm Meadows will offer what officials believe will be a final preview weekend this Friday through Sunday. The storm has dropped wet heavy snow, perfect for base building and enough for the resort to operate the Mt. Hood Express high speed quad along with two other lifts and the Ballroom Carpet conveyer from 9 AM - 4 PM each day. 

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Great Turn Out for our Preview Day

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More than 500 snow enthusiasts took advantage of an early opening of the Buttercup lift Saturday, a special preview day Meadows presented as part of the Pray for Snow Party. The preview was made possible by the enormous snow harvesting efforts Meadows has pioneered, making it possible to offer a limited experience with just ten inches of snow depth in the base area.

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Creating Opportunties in a Changing Climate

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Heidi Logosz Sustainability Manager
  • Addressing Climate Change While Optimizing Offerings 

Mt. Hood, Ore. The season for winter fun in Oregon, and along the entire west coast, is shifting as climate trends point to less snowpack and warmer days. Mt. Hood Meadows recognizes a challenge in the rising global temperature and also opportunities through innovation to keep the winter fun season going while also diversifying activities for all seasons. 

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No Foolin' - April Brings Best POWDER Skiing of the Season

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April 1 storm powder plunge on Cascade Express at Mt. Hood MeadowsA budding April storm has dropped more than ten inches of light snow at Mt. Hood Meadows, delighting powder hounds. It’s the finest kind, and enthusiasts received a bonus treat as Cascade Express - the resort’s highest lift, was opened for the first time since the storm blew in. Fresh tracks with refills were served up in the morning, with cloud breaks and the storm offering a sunny reprieve by midday.

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Winter Storm Refreshes Spring Break at Mt. Hood Meadows

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A seasonful of waiting and anticipating a powder day was released on the slopes at Meadows today.

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Meadows Gets More Snow in 24 Hours Than Any Other North American Ski Resort

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  • says Meadows 16" in last 24 hours leads the continent
  • Resort receives 31" since Saturday and is hitting it's holiday stride
  • Open daily 9 AM - 9 PM for the holidays and until Midnight New Year's Eve

MT. HOOD, OR (Immediate Release) – More snow fell at Mt. Hood Meadows in a 24 hour period ending this morning than at any ski resort in North America, according to Meadows received 16" of fresh, light powder the past 24 hours from a storm that has dumped 31" since Saturday. The resort now has a 46" snow depth in the base area and is set for the holidays. 

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Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Plans Opening for the Season Monday with Limited Operations

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Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort  announced it is making every effort to open for the season Monday, with limited lift operations. Due to an improving weather forecast, that now shows Sunday’s rain may be changing to snow earlier than originally forecast, the resort is readying for operations on Monday.

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Buttercup Scheduled for 9 AM - 4 PM Saturday

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Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort will offer limited lift operations Saturday, with the Buttercup lift scheduled from 9 AM - 4 PM. The current storm has dropped about 4 inches of new snow, and with snow harvesting and snow making efforts the resort expects to have a pathway of snow on the Buttercup run Saturday. A Buttercup lift ticket will be $29. The Buttercup Jib Park will also offer rails for freestyling.

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Lift Operations Put On Hold

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Despite our best efforts, Mt. Hood Meadows is putting lift operations on hold, until more snow falls. The resort had been operating the Buttercup lift and a jib park on an 11” base, supplemented by snow making and harvesting. The forecast for 4 - 7 inches of snow Monday didn’t materialize, and as such we will wait for new snow before continuing lift operations. 

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Slow to Drop Freezing Level Means Saturday is Out - How About Sunday?

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Anticipation - the freezing level is taking it’s sweet time dropping. We are expecting snow but it won’t accumulate soon enough for us to prepare for Saturday. Our snow harvesting crews are standing by to move what we can in anticipation of Sunday operations. We will keep you apprised here on this blog and our conditions page as we start accumulating and ultimately transporting snow. What lifts, how much will be open and hours of operation are dependent on the snowfall, and we’ll update as soon as it is determined, most likely by early Saturday afternoon. Thanks for your patience and think snow!

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