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Discover our Geocaches on the mountain

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Hidden at Mt. Hood Meadows are five geocaches you can discoverThere are many ways to explore the wonder and beauty of Mt. Hood. Geocaching provides all the fulfillment of experiencing this magnificent mountain, but adds the spirit of adventure and discovery as you navigate and explore in search of these caches.

There are five caches hidden on our permit area. They are easily accessible from the marked pathways and trails - so you don't have to trample wildflowers or cut new trail to find them. As always, search with care, being aware of the environment around you. These are not placed in dangerous places, but you may need to search in and around rock piles or around fallen trees.

Plugging geocache coordinates into your device browserThe coordinates will guide you to each general location. Just plug them into your mobile device browser (google maps works great) and the target location will pop up on your map. You can use google maps - it should even tell you what trails to take. Don't take short cuts - stay on the marked trails, that's part of the fun!

Here are the coordinates and hints for the five geocaches we have hidden in our permit area:

Under the sign
Mt. Hood is in front.
Jefferson behind
You Rock!

Just off the summer road
At the end of a fallen tree
Look inside.

It's just off the trail.
This one may stump you.
But you will ascend it.

In view of the falls just short of the bridge.
Under snag or limb.

The Timberline trail crosses
Dry creek bed
Look for the purplish rock

If you are new to Geocaching, here's some tips and etiquette that will help you enjoy your search!

There are two steps to any geocache: 1) it’s hidden and 2) others are challenged to find it. As easy as that is, it’s even easier to make sure you’re keeping your geocaching adventures on the up-and-up. Check out five helpful geocaching etiquette tips below or just watch the geocaching etiquette video.

  • Bring a Pen – It’s like the first day of school. You need to be prepared. Always pack a pen to make sure you’re ready to sign your Geocaching username and the date.
  • Leave No Trace – Be kind to the geocaching game board, which happens to be the entire world. Make sure to Cache In Trash Out (CITO) when you geocache: pick up litter along the way and don’t leave anything behind.
  • Write a Great “Found It” or “Didn’t find It” Log – When you find a geocache, or even when you don’t find a geocache, make sure to share the spirit of adventure with the geocache owner and for other geocachers. Write a log detailing your journey.
  • Put the Geocache Back Where and How You Found It – The geocache owner placed the geocache at a specific location for a reason. Make sure the owner can find it again later and that other geocachers have the same experience as you.
  • Move Trackables Along – If you remove a trackable, like a Travel Bug ®, from a geocache make sure to post a “retrieved” log and move it to another geocache as soon as possible.