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Welcome to Turns for Tenants!

The Turns for Tenants (T4T) Program is a community-based housing initiative that provides incentives for local homeowners and landlords to list available rentals to Mt. Hood Meadows (MHM) and Cooper Spur Mountain Resort (CSMR) employees. This program benefits both local area landlords and homeowners and MHM/CSRM employees. It provides an incentive to local area landlords and homeowners to list their available rental to MHM and CSMR employees. In turn, it encourages the affordability and accessibility of local housing to MHM and CSMR employees.

Qualified landlords and homeowners who advertise their rental with T4T and then rent to a part time or full time MHM/CSMR employee are offered their choice of a complimentary Value Pass or ten non-peak day tickets. Recipients are welcome to upgrade to peak days on either offering with a buy-up option. Landlords with multiple rentals are welcome to submit a separate application for for each address. For each additional employee rented to up to five through the program, the landlord will qualify for three additional non-peak lift tickets.

The T4T program also aims to foster stabilize and strengthen connections within the community for MHM and CSMR employees. This year’s program will again provide incentive to encourage successful T4T landlords from the 2017-18 season to rent to returning tenant-employees during the 2018-19 season.

Program Guidelines

To qualify for the Value Pass or ten non-peak day ticket vouchers (hereafter referred to as “renter incentives”) the homeowner or landlord must first apply to the T4T housing program. A landlord must apply for the program prior to filling vacancies. Agreements made with tenants prior to signing up with the program are not eligible for the renter incentives.

Online Application Here

If you need, a physical application can be requested through the mail by contacting the Human Resources office at 503-337-2222 x1388

The duration of the rental term must be for a reasonable majority of a seasonal employee’s working commitment for MHM/CSMR. Additionally, long term leases are eligible for the program as MHM and CSMR employ year-round staff and seasonal staff that wish to remain in the area in the non-operational seasons. The duration of a lease should be mutually agreed upon between the tenant and landlord/homeowner. Human Resources reserves the right to review and revoke a renter incentives if the rental agreement with an employee is terminated early without cause.

Once the application is received and approved by Human Resources, you will be notified via e-mail and the rental will be added to a list available to MHM/CSMR employees who have committed to a full or part time job. This program excludes children and relatives of landlords/homeowners and limited commitment employees.

Employees will contact you if they are interested in your rental. The landlord/homeowner is responsible for the screening and lease signing process. You are encouraged to check with Human Resources to ensure the applicant has been offered a job with Mt Hood Meadows and is a qualified tenant with the program.

In certain circumstances, you may not be able to meet face to face with tenants before their desired move-in date. Some employees are moving to the area from all across the nation. Skype, Facetime, or any other method to discuss the rental situation can go a long way in finding the tenant right for you.

Once the vacancy is filled the homeowner or landlord must notify Human Resources by submitting a signed copy of the rental agreement and a signed release of liability form. The Release of Liability Form will be provided in the application confirmation e-mail or can be mailed by request. The lease agreement must clearly contain the lease terms and dated signature of both the tenant and landlord. Human Resources will verify the tenant qualifies for the program. If you rent to an individual who has not been approved by Human Resources, you are not eligible to receive renter incentives.

If the rental is filled with someone who is not a qualified MHM or CSMR employee, please contact the HR department to have your rental removed from our list.

The renter incentive will be issued if all requirements of the program have been met:

  1. You have applied and have been approved as a T4T landlord / rental
  2. Your tenant is an eligible employee
  3. The tenant contacted you via the T4T listing
  4. You have submitted a copy of the lease agreement with a signed release of liability

Human Resources will wait to fulfill any renter incentives until the tenant employee’s first day of work. Fulfillment will take five to seven business days to process.

Renter incentives are nonrefundable, nontransferable, not for resale, cannot be carried over to the following season, and have no cash value. All aspects of this program are reviewed each year before the onset of the new winter season, Mt Hood Meadows may decide to alter or terminate the program at the time of review.

Returning Landlord/employee agreements: If you were a successful landlord from either the 2016-17 or 2017-18 season and are renting to the same tenant or tenants again for this 2018-19 winter season, you could qualify for renter incentives. Please apply though the Online Application, and respond with "Yes" when asked if you are "a successful T4T landlord from either the 2016-17 or 2018-19 winter season with a returning employee tenant agreement."

Our program coordinators will follow up with you after your application has been received. To qualify as a returning landlord, you will be asked to submit a copy of the signed lease agreement for this winter season and signed release of liability.