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Q: How much should I charge for my rental?

A: Mt. Hood Meadows does not have guidelines or requirements regarding the cost of rental and lease agreements for the Turns for Tenants (T4T) program. A complimentary Value Pass is intended to be a generous incentive to rent to employees for a lower monthly rate than the general public. Many ski industry employees earn minimum wage, and their hours are dependent on business levels. During the 2017-18 winter season the average successful rental unit in this program was $650 per person per month. Each situation is unique and many factors such as a furnished rental or included utilities could raise or lower that price.

While it is very important that you collect a damage deposit before allowing any tenant to reserve the rental, keep in mind most employees starting their winter season are without significant reserves of cash to spend on a deposit. You must balance the inherent risks of renting your property with determining an appropriate rental and deposit amount for seasonal employees.

Q: Will Mt Hood Meadows help collect rent from employees?

A: No, the Turns for Tenants program is only a facilitator that connects available rentals with employees looking to rent. All rental/lease agreements are between the landlord/owner and the tenant.

Q: What if I have rented to Mt Hood Meadows employees in previous years, not through T4T, and plan on renting to them again?

A: Thank you for housing Meadows and Cooper Spur employees! The spirit of this program is to make a list of rentals available to our employees currently searching for housing. A landlord must apply with the program prior to making contact with potential tenants that are employed at Cooper Spur or Mt Hood Meadows and/or filling vacancies. Agreements made with tenants prior to applying with the program are not eligible for the voucher(s).

Q: Does the T4T program have a deadline for application?

A:We are currently accepting landlord applications. Our seasonal winter employees start their housing search as early as September. Employees use the T4T list through January when housing demand declines. We will, however accept landlord applications throughout the winter season as we also hire year-round employees who relocate to the area.

Q: Are there geographical boundaries my rental must fall in to qualify?

A: We do not have limitations on how far away a rental can be. Employees can access a free employee bus service from Sandy and Hood River. If your rental is further than a 20 min drive from the furthest reaches of our bus service, you may find that employees are not interested in commuting that far.

Q: What are the peak days the incentive vouchers won't work on?

A: Here are the dates we’ve identified as Peak Days - when the Value Pass or non-peak day passes don't provide lift access until after 3 PM:

  • December 15, 2018 - January 2, 2019
  • Saturdays and Sundays in January and February
  • Martin Luther King and President’s Monday Holidays

For more information on the Value Pass please visit our Value Pass FAQ

Q: If I successfully rent through the T4T program, can I upgrade my Value Pass to an unlimited pass? How about the non-peak day tickets? How much does an upgrade it cost?

A: Yes! You will be able to upgrade at Passholder Services when you redeem your pass. Upgrading the Value Pass to add all peak days will be $200, even if you successfully rent through the program after November 4th. If you are over the age of 64, upgrading is only $150. By upgrading you will get lift access on all peak days.

The upgrade pricing for the non-peak day tickets is to be determined, and we will be posting that information as soon as we have it.

Q: Can I Re-assign my pass?

A: Yes, you will need to inform us who will receive the pass when you submit your lease and liability form.