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Donation Requests

Thank you for thinking of us to support your charitable fundraising efforts.
In general, we support Northwest-focused organizations with an emphasis on the environment, health, wellness, sports, recreation, youth-oriented programs and schools.

Mt. Hood Meadows and Cooper Spur Mountain Resort are committed to enriching the lives of our team, guests, and community.

We receive a tremendous number of requests for donations from organizations and individuals throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Each year, in addition to helping smaller organizations, we support several major nonprofit organizations and programs with in-kind product support. These include:

  • Snowboard Outreach Society (SOS)
  • Rotary Club and Rotary Foundation of Hood River
  • American Cancer Society’s “Cancer Ski Out”
  • ALS Association’s “Ski to Defeat ALS”
  • The Next Door, Inc.
  • Fifth grade ski/snowboard day for Hood River County schools
  • Oregon Humane Society’s “Mutts on the Mountain”

We also have a program that offers reduced rates on outings to Meadows for nonprofits/outreach organizations who represent groups who have been historically excluded from outdoor recreation. Some examples of groups this program is designed to assist are those whose socioeconomic status does not allow them to participate or groups whose diverse background makes them less likely to have friends or family members who could introduce them to recreating on Mt. Hood. To potentially be considered for receiving these reduced rates, please fill out our Nonprofit and Outreach Group Visit Form at the link below left. For all other donation requests (more details on those below), please fill out our Donation Request Form at the link below right.

Nonprofit and Outreach Group Visit Form Donation Request Form

We appreciate organizations’ need to raise funds, however, we are not able to grant all requests. We have created the following criteria (listed below) and will only consider requests that meet these criteria. What we will consider supporting through a donation:

  • Youth programs including education primary and secondary (not including pre-school and post-secondary)
  • Social services (at risk, low income, eldercare, crime and abuse victim’s assistance)
  • Youth athletics (most major sports)
  • Health care (illness/injury support

What we won’t consider supporting through a donation:

  • Cash donations and cash sponsorships for fundraisers
  • Individual support (scholarships, personal financial assistance, travel-related expenses)
  • Lobbying or political campaigns
  • Organizations outside the Northern Oregon/Southwest Washington regions

Requirements and application process notes:

  • Please input the date the donation is needed in-hand by as the event date
  • Requests must be submitted via the form at the bottom of this webpage. We do not accept physical donation request letters delivered by mail, fax, or in person
  • Requests should be received at least 60 days prior to the date the donation is needed in-hand
  • Our charitable giving is focused on the communities near Mt. Hood. Requesting organization must reside within Northern Oregon/Southwest Washington regions including Willamette Valley, Portland Metro, Columbia Gorge, or some nearby portions of Central and Eastern Oregon. We give preference to organizations which are in or near Hood River County
  • Only one donation request will be granted per organization in a rolling year. If it has been less than a year since we last donated to your organization, your request may not be approved
  • All pertinent information about our donation will be listed on the donation certificate, which can be used to complete your donor information forms
  • It is not necessary to provide us with a receipt for our donation

Requests are reviewed on a periodic basis. We will reply to your request to let you know whether your request was declined or approved via email as far in advance of your event as possible.

You are welcome to check back if you do not hear from us in a timely manner by emailing Please provide the organization’s name, date of the event, and a telephone number. We will do our best to respond.

We appreciate you thinking of us to support your fundraiser and taking the time to request a donation from us. We wish you all the best in your fundraising efforts!

– Mt. Hood Meadows and Cooper Spur Mountain Resort

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