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We know everyone has a lot of questions so we want to help you have a better experience by answering all of your questions in one place. Please click the links to go to the section you would like to see, or simply scroll through the page and look for the sections you need answers for.









How do I use my bonus vouchers? Bring your guest to the ticket window, give the Meadows team member your pass, and ask to use one of your vouchers for your guest. You will need to give your guest's name and date of birth to receive their ticket for the day.

What if I am not going to be with my guest? Please email with your name and date of birth, your guest's name and date of birth, the type of voucher you would like to use and what day it will be used. We will send you your voucher number and ask that your guest brings a copy of the email with them when they redeem the ticket (a copy of the email on their phone is good).

How do I know how many vouchers I have? You can email, check at the concierge, ticket booth, Meadows PDX office or call for an accurate number of remaining days.

What is the difference between a Bonus Ticket and a Buddy Ticket? A Bonus Ticket is free; a Buddy Ticket is a discounted ticket: $25 off a dynamically priced adult 7-hour ticket, or $10 off an adult dynamically priced adult night ticket.

What does a restricted voucher mean? Restricted means there are Peak Days when the lift access doesn’t work until 3 PM. Peak Days are December 26, 2022 – January 1, 2023, Saturdays and Sundays through March 5, and MLK and Presidents Day Mondays.

Can I sell my voucher if I don't use it? No, vouchers cannot be sold to anyone else. Anyone purchasing a voucher will not be allowed to use it. Unused vouchers expire at the end of each season.

What are the Snowvana vouchers? Snowvana Ticket Specials are two midweek restricted lift tickets, valid for use during these timeframes: Opening day through December 17th and March 6th  through the end of the 2022-23 season - midweek only. 


There is a Value Pass specific section below

Are reservations required? Season pass holders don’t need a reservation. Lift tickets must be purchased online in advance of your visit. A limited amount of lift tickets are available for each date. Lessons and rentals must be purchased at least 48 hours in advance online. We will not sell any tickets, lessons or rentals at the resort this season.

When do I need to purchase a lift ticket? Tickets must be purchased online in advance of your visit. A limited amount of lift tickets are available for each date. Lessons and rentals need to be purchased online at least 48 hours in advance.

What lifts are included in the Beginner Progression lift ticket or pass? The Beginner Progression lift ticket or pass includes the Buttercup, Daisy, Easy Rider, and Vista lifts, as well as the Ballroom Carpet conveyor.

Is there a military discount? Yes. We offer $49 lift tickets on non-peak days and Peak: $99 lift tickets on peak days. We thank you for your service!

Are there PSIA, AASI and NSP discounts? Yes. We offer 25% off at-resort dynamically priced tickets on weekends and peak days and 50% off at-resort dynamically priced tickets midweek and non-peak days. 

When are my Snowvana tickets valid? Snowvana Ticket Specials are two midweek restricted lift tickets, valid for use during these timeframes: Opening day through December 17th and March 6th  through the end of the 2022-23 season - midweek only. 

What days can I use my Value Pass? Value Passes are valid every day, but on Peak Days they won’t work until 2 PM. Peak Days are December 26 – January 1, Saturdays and Sundays from January to March 5, MLK and Presidents Day Mondays.

What if I want to use my Value Pass during the day on a Peak Day? You will need to purchase a ticket to ride during the day on a Peak Day.

When is my Night Pass valid? Night Passes are valid starting mid-December, Wednesday through Sunday nights (from 3 to 9 PM), as well as extended night operations during the holidays. Night operations are scheduled to run through early March.

Do I need a reservation with my USSA Gold Pass? No, but you do need to pick up a ticket from the Concierge Desk.

Do I need a reservation with my Elite Pass? No, you can either purchase a pass and piece of media for $12 for the season, or just a piece of media for $2 and come have it reloaded at the Ticket Booth when you want to use it.

I have a season pass, but couldn’t park in the lot because it was full. Is there anything you can do? We are sorry you didn’t get in the lot. On busy days, we recommend getting here early or planning on coming up in the evening for night skiing and riding.

What if I come up without a Season Pass or lift ticket – can I take my chances? We would like everyone to purchase online in advance. If you come up without purchasing first we can not guarantee you will be able to purchase a lift ticket, lesson or rental. 

What if I lost my pass? You can get a new piece of RFID media to replace your lost pass for $2 at the ticket booth outside the main lodge, or at the ticket windows at HRM.

Can I sell my ticket or pass? No, it is in your name and is not transferable. Tickets and passes that have been sold will not be valid for the person who purchased it.

Why don't I have any bonus tickets? A Bonus ticket was only included with season passes purchased before May 31st.

Does my pass include free days at Mt. Baker or any other resorts? The Mountain Exchange Program is available for All Access and Sahale Pass Holders. You can visit the Mountain Exchange Program page for more information.

Why is my pass so expensive? It was cheaper when I checked in the Spring. Season passes are dynamically priced, so prices will vary based on sales volumes. Prices will increase as the season approaches and sales will eventually be cut off. 


What is the Value Pass? This is our most affordable Season Pass that offers every day access for the resort’s scheduled 140+ day season. However, some days (known as Peak Days) the access on a Value Pass doesn’t start until 2 PM.

What are Peak Days? These are the time frames that Meadows tends to have the largest turnout of visitation, meaning parking lots can reach capacity early and there’s a greater likelihood of lift lines. The Value Pass is designed to avoid these most busy time frames. Seasoned guests have learned to negotiate the peak day congestion, by arriving early or shuttling.

Here are the dates we’ve identified as Peak Days - when the Value Pass doesn’t provide lift access until after 2 PM:

  • December 26, 2022 - January 1, 2023
  • Saturdays and Sundays in January and February through March 5, 2023
  • Martin Luther King and President’s Monday Holidays

What if I want to use my Value Pass on a Peak Day? Your Value Pass is valid even on Peak Days, but not until after 2 PM. These Peak Days fall into our night operating season, so that means you can still ride lifts from 2 - 9 PM on Peak Days.

No, I mean I want to use my Value Pass on a Peak DAY! Gotcha. If you wish to ride on a Peak Day before 2 PM, you will need to purchase one of our dynamically priced Lift Tickets for that time period.

If I Add All Access Upgrade, do I need to purchase any other days? No. You have created a pass with Unlimited Access, all hours of lift operations for the whole season. This is basically the same as our old Unlimited Pass. 

Can I use the free lift ticket from purchasing before May 31 for my own Peak Day Access? Yes! But you'll need to stop by a point of sale at the ski area to apply it to your pass before you head to the lifts. 

Can I give my Day Access to others? No. These are not transferable - they will only work with your pass. 

Are unused Peak Days refundable? No, so you will want to make sure to use any Peak Days you added on before the Peak season ends.

Do you really think this will work? Yes. It has worked in a variety of resorts and is used daily for such things as determining your electric bill (peak demand pricing) or selecting airline seats. It follows the basic law of supply and demand. Value pricing, also known as congestion pricing, is a broad term covering an array of options in which a higher price is charged when demand is greater. The goal of value pricing is to reduce congestion by encouraging some people to visit at less congested times or shift the hours they visit, and to provide users with a more enjoyable experience.

Does it work for everyone? It works great for those that have the flexibility to visit off-peak! A great price and less congestion. The peak day experience will also improve through reduced visits from those whose visitation pattern is influenced through this value pricing (even if it is a relatively small amount). There is also the benefit of having the discussion about peak days, what causes the congestion and how we can all work together to reduce it that will also help improve the overall experience for guests on peak days.

Will it work for me? We feel all Northwesterners deserve the Mt. Hood Meadows experience and that process begins for many with selecting and budgeting for the right product to match the experience they are seeking.  In balancing all of the variables (some of which are discussed above), the Value Pass is our best attempt to set our guests up for the experience they desire:

  • It offers an affordable option to ski/ride nearly every day of the season
  • It provides a better experience for all who wish to come to Mt. Hood Meadows
  • It creates a seamless purchasing experience that gives our guests the power to decide what level of access is right for them


What is an Indy Pass? The Indy Pass is a pass that gives you two free lift tickets and a third discounted day at each on of its Partner Resorts.

Won't this create more crowding? No, the Indy Base Pass has black out dates at select resorts including Meadows, which focuses visits to weekday / non-holiday time frames. There is an Indy+ Pass at an additional cost that does not have black out dates, however, the vast majority of Indy Passes sold are Base Passes, so the Peak Day visitation of Indy Pass holders will be nominal.

Do Meadows Pass Holders get a discount on the Indy Pass? All Access and Sahale Pass Holders do get a discount on the Indy Pass by showing proof of purchase of a Meadows All Access or Sahale Pass.

I'm a Meadows Sahale or All Access Pass holder and I already purchased the Indy Pass at the regular price before the announcement. Am I eligible for a credit for the difference between the regular price and the add-on price? Yes! Simply email the Indy Pass customer service team at to start the process.

How do I purchase an Indy Pass or add it on to my All Access or Sahale Pass? Simply go to the Indy Pass website and purchase if you aren't an All Access or Sahale Pass holder. If you are adding it on to your pass go to the Indy Pass Add-on page follow the instructions below:

  • Go to
  • Create an account if you do not already have one
  • Once created, make sure you are signed into your account
  • Click on View Product over the Indy Add-On title
  • Complete all checkout steps
  • After Successful Payment, you will see an orange box that states “Your Name” - requires verification. “To Activate your Indy Pass Add On. Upload an Image of your All Access or Sahale Pass
  • Click “Upload Files”
  • Upload photo of your proof of purchase (receipt of Mt. Hood Meadows All Access or Sahale Pass)
  • Please upload one of the following (jpg, jpeg, png or gif)
  • Click “Submit”
  • “Successfully uploaded” will show
  • Allow two days for processing and verification of upload

Is Meadows part of the Indy XCountry Pass? Yes, Meadows is now a part of the Indy XCountry Pass, which includes two free days and third day at a discounted rate.

Does my downhill Indy Pass include Nordic skiing? Yes! The Indy XCountry Pass is included with the Indy Base and Plus Pass.


Parking Lots

What is the drop-off zone and how does it work? When our main lot is open, we will allow people to use the drop-off area to unload and then park their car in an open space. When the main lot is full/closed, we will not allow anyone in to drop off.

Map showing where our parking lots are

Are there length restrictions on vehicles you will allow in the main lot? Yes, oversized vehicles such as trucks with campers or sprinter vans over 21 feet long, and/or 7 feet wide will not be allowed in the Main parking lot. These vehicles will be directed to the Sunrise and HRM lots.

Is the main lot the best place to park? If you have your own gear and don't need lessons or rentals the Hood River Meadows lot is a great option for parking. There is a small lodge where you can get your lift tickets, food and drinks and there are restrooms and port-a-potties there.

Will there be bathrooms in the parking lots this season? Yes, we are planning on adding port-a-potties to all of our parking lots so you don't need to come in the lodge to use the restroom.

Bus and Shuttles

Are you running Park and Ride Buses this season? We plan on running our Park and Ride buses this season starting in December. Head to the Park and Ride page for more information.

Is there still a free shuttle from Hood River this season? Columbia Area Transit (CAT) is running buses daily from Hood River this season via the Gorge-To-Mountain Express route. To ride, you can either purchase a GOrge Pass*, give the driver $5 for a roundtrip ride, or buy $5 roundtrip tickets online or at the CAT office in Hood River.

*With your GOrge Pass, you will receive unlimited rides on all CAT fixed-route services, including local routes, Columbia Gorge Express to Portland, and the Gorge-To-Mountain Express. The 2022 annual GOrge Pass is available now and is valid thru December 31st, 2022. Prices are $40 Adults / $20 Children 17 and under & HR Community ID Holders.

Are there any shuttles from Portland this season? Some shuttle services are still running for private parties. Check out our suggested shuttle companies.

Will there be buses for Consecutive Week Programs? Yes, we will have buses for programs this season!

RV Parking

Where is RV Row this season? RV Row is located in the Sunrise lot this season. Below is an image of where parking is allowed.

Image of the Sunrise parking lot showing where RV row is

How many RVs are allowed in RV row? We maintain 14 to 18 spaces depending on snow. We ask everyone to park as close as possible to maximize space.

How long of an RV can fit? Due to snow removal and bus lanes your vehicle or combination of vehicles can not be more than 40'.

If I fill out the registration am I guaranteed a spot? No, there must be spots available in RV row to stay here.

What permits do I need? Sno-Park permits are required in all of our parking lots from Nov. 1 to April 30 (sold at the resort). You will also need to fill out our Parking Registration form found on our Overnight RV Parking page

What do permits cost? Information on Oregon Sno-Park permits can be found here. Our overnight parking permits are issued at no charge.

How long can I stay? A maximum three consecutive nights within any five-night period.

I have a Sprinter van. Can I just park in the main lot? Sprinter vans may park in the main lot for day access only. If you are staying overnight, you must park in the designated RV row section of the Sunrise lot, and be fully self-contained.

Will shuttle service be available?  If there are RVs parked in the Sunrise lot we will run shuttles to the Main lot. Guests may also hike up the runout located at the southwest section of the Sunrise lot, which will take you to the bottom of the Vista Express lift.

Are there length restrictions on vehicles you will allow in the main lot? Yes, oversized vehicles such as trucks with campers or Sprinter vans over 21' long and/or 7' wide will not be allowed in the Main parking lot. These vehicles will be directed to our Sunrise and HRM lots.

Why is there not any RV/camper parking available in the HRM lot? We would love to have overnight RV/camper parking at HRM, but there are a few issues with that. 1.) Too remote: HRM is too far away from the main lodge in case of an emergency. 2.) Poor or no cell service: Reception is poor in the HRM lot, which makes calling out in case of an emergency difficult or impossible. 3.) Ski runs: There is no night skiing in the HRM section of the resort, whereas the Sunrise lot allows guests to ski and ride back to their RVs during night operations.

Is Meadows required to have RV parking? No, we do it as a service to our guests and want to continue this practice as long as we get compliance with the rules of use.

Why are you so strict about parking? There is a high demand for parking in the Sno-Parks on Mt. Hood. Due to the snow challenges we need to leave space for the Oregon Department of Transportation to conduct snow removal. If we do not manage correctly the lots shrink and we are unable to accommodate enough guests.

Additional questions? Please email us at


What is dynamic pricing? Dynamic pricing will establish the price of a lift ticket based on the demand for that given day. The more advance sales there are for a day, the more the price will increase. Likewise, the less demand the lower the price for that day. The other dynamic is purchasing early, the longer in advance you make your purchase the lower the price will be.
This has become the standard in the hospitality industry used when booking airline seats and hotel reservations, and sporting events (such as Your Portland Trail Blazers) use a similar method to sell tickets. You can find some great deals on an airline seat, a hotel room or a basketball game simply by purchasing early and finding the best time frames.

When do I need to purchase? Purchases must be done online in advance. We will not be selling lift tickets, lessons or rentals at the resort this season.

Why is Meadows using dynamic pricing on its day tickets? Offering a lower priced ticket on an off-peak day will attract more people to those days, which in turn will off-load some of our peak day visits improving the experience. It will also help us better anticipate the turn out on any given day so we can plan staffing and services appropriately. 

What ticket products will be dynamically priced? Almost all of our tickets will be dynamically priced, with with a few exceptions. Each will have their own range of pricing and will be displayed together on the pricing calendar.

How much will these tickets cost? Prices will vary, but we will adjust accordingly as we learn from advance purchase and visitation patterns. That is the nature of a dynamic system, it evolves as more information is gathered. Those who purchase online in advance will always receive the best day ticket price through this system, and the earlier you purchase, the better price you will get.

How does it work? Daily tickets will be made available for purchase in advance on our website. The prices will be presented in a calendar so the purchaser can easily see what the price is for any given day. 

How far in advance will I be able to purchase a ticket? Tickets will be made available about a month in advance so you can make your plans accordingly.

Why should I purchase online? The lift ticket price will be set by advance purchase demand, so waiting to purchase, you will pay the highest price. We are also able to accommodate advance ticket purchases more quickly, since we simply fulfill the order and issue the ticket.

What is reload? If you have ticket media from a previous visit, you can simply reload it. That “loads” your access to the lifts for the day you purchased right on to your ticket media. Then you can proceed directly to the lift that day, no need to stop by a point of sale. You can reload your media here.

What if I don’t use my ticket on the day it was purchased for? Date specific product purchases like these tickets are not refundable, however, if for some reason you miss the day you purchased for, you can apply the price of that ticket towards another purchase of a Mt. Hood Meadows product (minus a $5 processing fee). So if you purchased a $59 adult lift ticket and didn’t use it, you can apply that $59 (minus a $5 processing fee) on the purchase of a ticket your next visit. You can also convert that $59 (minus a $5 processing fee) into pass holder value by connecting our guest services team and then you can apply your balance towards the purchase of any Mt. Hood Meadows product. 

Why is this good for our guests? Dynamic Pricing allows the purchaser to select the days and the pricing that works best for their needs. By purchasing or reloading your media online in advance, your best price is guaranteed. The attractive, reduced price off-peak tickets will shift many guests away from peak-days, and that will improve the experience for those who’s schedule only allows them to visit on the busy days. 

Why now? We need to be able to control the volume of guests this season, and as our state is growing and winter recreation on Mt. Hood becomes more popular, we need to utilize creative approaches to better manage the overall experience. We believe dynamic pricing is the right way to address these peak day challenges, at Meadows and on Mt. Hood in general. 
We also have developed the technology that allows us to manage variable pricing for each day and we feel the time is right to implement it.

I have more questions … We are here to help! Email us at