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Improving Connective AT&T

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OK you original iPhone users who signed up for that long term AT&T plan. We know you've been ready to pitch the phone and ditch the plan because of the poor or nonexistent AT&T reception at Meadows. We wish we could say AT&T also heard you and is installing a new cell tower at Meadows. But here's the next best thing. 

AT&T Wireless Service at Base Lodges

Beginning this season, Meadows is leasing an in-building Metro-cel for our main lodges. We are told this will provide reception for AT&T devices for voice calls and data usage in our North and South lodges, on the deck and in the base area. Now while this isn't providing coverage for the whole mountain, at least you'll be connected when you stop for a rest break or hit the restaurants. Now you'll be able to touch base with the real world (if you really want to). And of course you'll want to let all your Facebook friends and Google+ hangers about the great time you're having at Meadows.

More WiFi More Hotspots

After last year's successful completion of broad band internet to the ski area, we have fortified our wifi connectivity throughout the base area. You will notice much stronger signals in many more locations throughout the North and South lodges, making it easier for you to check emails and check in with your social networks. 

Social Stream

Along with our new web site, we've created a social stream which aggregates feeds from our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Flickr accounts, and pulls in popular hashtags. Tag your postings with #mthoodmeadows or #winteractive to join the feed! Check the stream out at