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New Mobile Friendly Website

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Hard to believe it's been five years since we redesigned our site. Perhaps some of that is due to the foresight we had back then to create a digital experience that served the communications, connection and social needs of our guests. And while we're proud of what we accomplished, it is time to move forward. Onward!

Introducing the new! You've probably already noticed the improved navigation system, vibrant pictures and announcements that help direct you to the content you are most in need of or interested in. We've added a search bar at the top of the page to help you find exactly what you're looking for. The blog has been redesigned and will be used much more to address all the different happenings going on at Meadows, as well as behind the scenes. Comments are linked to Facebook comments - so you'll be able to easily comment on and then share those comments (if you so choose) with your friends.

We've aggregated our social feeds together into one social stream so you can keep up with our latest Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube posts. You can also feed the stream by tagging your Meadows social posts with #mthoodmeadows.

Our online store has changed and allows you to filter down the products you are looking for. This is most prevalent in our Lessons section which presents all the different options, and as you select ability level, age, package type, start time and other criteria the available products are filtered down to make it easy for you to find the right lesson for you. 

Probably our biggest advancement is the responsive design of the new site - adjusting the content for digital devices and creating a much more user friendly experience on smaller screens. The main menu link is always in the upper right hand corner and the search field is always first in the drop down. As you navigate to a section of the site you'll see a section navigation menu making it fast and easy to get the information you seek. The font size has been adjusted to make it easier to read especially on digital devices - hopefully no more squinting. 

As always we want your contribution to and feedback on the site. Please comment on our blogs, post videos and photos in our galleries, tag #mthoodmeadows or @mthoodmeadows in your social posts and use the robust Contact Us section to directly connect with the department you need to talk to. The new features a new and improved responsive design. We want "responsive" to be a trademark for our company as well in the way we treat and interact with our guests.

Enjoy the new