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New Kind of Pass Media

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As we continue to utilize all the advantages of our Radio Frequency Identification gate system, Mt. Hood Meadows is launching a new pass media program beginning this 2014/2015 season. All of our new season passes will be printed on a flexible light weight pass stock. This transition offers numerous advantages over our previous style of passes and we are excited to be able to share those advantages with our guests.

The new pass media is more durable and environmentally friendly than our old passes. The Keytix “light” passes are free of PVC and Bisphenol-A, and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as coming from responsible sources. We at Mt. Hood Meadows are committed to sustainability and also to the practical advantages this change brings our Passholders in the day to day usage of our passes. We have found that the hard plastic passes have a tendency to become brittle and snap or crack with falling temperatures. The flexible nature of the new media eliminates this worry while also reducing the damaging effects of impacts as the “light” pass can move and flex with your body.

Another major area of improvement will be in our Passholder and Group Services office and our season pass events around town. The new passes will be issued from a thermal printer that efficiently and effectively loads and imprints passes in a fraction of the time of our previous printing system. In addition, this new process does not have any printer ribbons or cartridges that jam or break, which was a big issue with our old process. This means that you will spend less time waiting to pick up your pass and more time enjoying our beautiful mountain.

The new passes will continue to utilize our at-lift tablet verification process to identify our guests and prevent fraud. With this ability in mind, the new passes have a one color photo printed. The photo physically printed on the pass will never need to be seen by our lift attendants due to the ability of our RFID system to compare the photo connected with a guest’s profile to the person at the RFID gate. We do understand that many of our guests would like to continue using the PVC season passes, and we will offer this option for our guests at an additional cost at our Passholder and Group Services location as well as in our Portland Sales Office.