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22nd Annual Winter Weather Forecast at OMSI

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There's some great news for snow enthusiasts in the Winter Weather forecasts presented at the American Meteorological Society's annual winter conference at OMSI today. The long term seasonal weather pattern is trending towards a light El Nino, sliding towards neutral meaning we're headed towards a near average snow season. Three meteorologists gave formal presentations, two were sent in. All concurred that the strong El Nino forecast months ago has weakened to a near neutral forecast. 

That is a movement in the right direction according to meteorologist and hydrologist Kyle Dittmer who says that tends to create more severe and unstable winter events and that an early start to the season is possible. KGW's Rod Hill also commented that their could be an early start, and that in total he's expecting around 500 inches of snow on Mt. Hood this winter. Meadows annual average is 430 inches, so that would be a great season.

The presentations will be posted on the Oregon American Meteorological Society's web site: