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Buttercup and a Rail Park Scheduled for Late Opening Sunday

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Mt. Hood Meadows intends to operate Sunday, most likely with the Buttercup lift and a rail park. 

Resort spokesman Dave Tragethon says the mountain team is making a mighty effort to open the lift and the terrain it serves. “We would have liked to see more snow out of this storm, but we are grateful for what we received. Fortunately it’s been cold so we’ve been making snow in addition to the eight inches of light snow we received since last night. Our mountain crew is harvesting the parking lot snow and depositing it on Buttercup and Rail Park terrain. We plan to operate from 11 - 4 Sunday with Buttercup and a rail park.”

A lift ticket will be just $15 - unlimited passholders ride for free.

Meadows received 8 inches of new snow!
The Breezeway picnic tables collected 8 inches of new snow from late Friday evening through Saturday afternoon.

Also scheduled to operate are:

  • The resort’s equipment rental center and sport shops featuring some great holiday shopping specials.
  • Adult and Children’s ski and snowboard lessons will be offered from noon - 2 PM (kids should arrive by 11:30). Day care reservations are also being taken.
  • The Higher Grounds Cafe, the Schuss and the Alpenstube Bar will be open.

Resort officials are not yet speculating on operations beyond Sunday. Tragethon says, “We want to make sure we have a quality product and experience that we can sustain. We’ll evaluate that Sunday, check the weather and then make a decision about any continued operations Sunday afternoon.”