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Meadows To Continue Limited Daily Operations

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Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort has announced it is continuing daily limited operations. With the success of the snow harvesting effort for Sunday’s operations, and a forecast for more snow early this week, the resort intends to continue daily operations from 11 AM - 4 PM. 

The Rail Park will continue daily operations at Mt. Hood Meadows

Resort Spokesman Dave Tragethon says operations could vary - as limited as just the Buttercup lift and a rail park like Sunday, but terrain and lift offerings could increase as more snow accumulates. “We want to get this season started, and we’ve seen a great response from passholders and other guests who have enjoyed our preview days. As long as we can provide a quality product and experience, even if it is limited to just a lift or two, and guests are enjoying it, we want to continue to operate.”

Lift tickets with the limited lift and operational schedule are just $15 or free to unlimited passholders (and midweek passholders Monday - Friday). Meadows will operate the equipment rental center, ski school lessons for adults and children, it’s retail shops and at least one restaurant and the Alpenstube bar. The resort expects to run the Buttercup lift and rail park from 11 AM - 4 PM Monday. 

The forecast has a storm arriving Sunday evening, with the potential to drop 4 or more inches of snow Monday. Meadows is making snow and continues to harvest parking lot snow to supplement the base area snowpack, now reading 12 inches. 

Buttercup will continue daily operations at Mt. Hood Meadows