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Wet Weather is Dampening our Thanksgiving Friday Operations

We are thankful for many things at Mt. Hood Meadows. The early season storms and innovative technology that allowed us to have three preview days. A talented and dedicated mountain crew that made the most of that early season snowfall. And passionate guests who can’t wait for the season to begin. 

We share that passion. But even with our best efforts, it looks like this wet weather will affect our original plans to operate Friday. We’re just going to need more natural snow (and colder weather) and that just isn’t in the forecast until Friday evening.

So it looks like Friday’s out, but we’re still shooting for the weekend. What lifts, how much terrain and even when we would be able to operate is all dependent on when the forecasted rain changes to snow, and how much snow we get out of the storm. With enough snow we should be able to open Saturday, but it could be a late opening. We also plan to operate Sunday. We haven't yet determined what our operations will be beyond the weekend - again a lot of that will be determined by the weather.

We are at the ready - and are committed to do what it takes to get as much of the mountain open as we can when it is appropriate (within safe operations). We want to offer a quality product that we can sustain, connecting a good opening with a great season.

We see the current weather as a short term nuisance delaying what we expect to be a great winter. We remain enthusiastic about the season, and our ability to make the most out of the natural snowfall we are given. We have much to be thankful for and we wish you and your family a blessed holiday. 

Thanksgiving Turkey at Mt. Hood Meadows