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Lift Operations Put On Hold

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Despite our best efforts, Mt. Hood Meadows is putting lift operations on hold, until more snow falls. The resort had been operating the Buttercup lift and a jib park on an 11” base, supplemented by snow making and harvesting. The forecast for 4 - 7 inches of snow Monday didn’t materialize, and as such we will wait for new snow before continuing lift operations. 

Our staff is disappointed that operations are temporarily suspended. We share your passion to get this season started, and your disappointment that it is delayed. But we know the snow will come and when it does, we’ll be ready to make the most of whatever we get!

We’ll keep you updated through this blog, our conditions page and snow phones. In the meantime we hope you put this time to good use getting yourself, your vehicle and your equipment ready for the season. Get the holiday decorations up, finish your Christmas shopping, and knock a few of those “honey dew” projects off the list. Then when the snow falls and the lifts are running, you’ll be ready to hit the mountain!

See you on the mountain - SOON!