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The Burton Partnership is All About the Future of Snowboarding

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You’ve seen the Meadows sprinter van in appearances at events and schools throughout metro Portland and the Gorge. It’s hard to miss - it’s big with mountainscapes on each side. It is the “experience delivery vehicle” for the successful “Meadows to People” tour and P.E. takeovers resort staff is presenting. But it’s the picture on the back of the van that really speaks to the Meadows / Burton partnership - a family of four, with two little girls, celebrating their fun day on the mountain. And it would not be possible without the vision, expertise and support of Burton Snowboards.

The MTP Van is sponsored by Burton Snowboards to bring mountain experiences to the people.
The Meadow to People tour is delivered by our Sprinter van, in partnership with Burton Snowboards.

Burton V.P. of Global Resorts Jeff Boliba believes the future of snowboarding is engaging guests at a younger age, and doing a better job of introducing newcomers to the sport. The entire Burton Learn to Ride system is built around that concept - make someone feel like a snowboarder the first time they step on a board. Boliba has championed the Riglet learning system, equipment that’s not just shrunk in size, but specifically designed for smaller shredders. The combination of the Riglet tether, terrain-based learning and a simple, fun coaching progression engages kids immediately. 

Burton V.P. of Resorts Jeff Boliba gets kids excited about Snowboarding Burton's V.P. of Global Resorts Jeff Boliba leads a P.E. takeover at the Portland Experiential School.

Our Burton Partnership embraces the Burton LTR system, not only for the little ones but for any age wanting to snowboard. The equipment is designed with a first timer in mind - from comfortable, easy to fit boots, to one strap adjustable bindings to the boards themselves, shaped convex to prevent edge catching. Burton has demonstrated over and over how this system accelerates the learning curve and gets riders enjoying the sport more proficiently in less time.

Burton is backing the Meadows partnership big time. There is no other sponsor that is more fully committed to cultivating new riders and converting them to core mountain enthusiasts than Burton. Burton reps have visited Meadows no less than four times since last April. Burton trainers have helped design the Burton rental center, trained rental and instructional staff and are working with our groomers for designing Riglet parks and terrain based learning areas. 

Burton Resort Coordinator Alyssa Talbot trains Meadows staff on the Burton LTR system.

Jeff Boliba himself has visited Portland twice - the first time to introduce Meadows to the Burton P.E. curriculum in a demonstration at the Portland Experiential School. Boliba returns Monday to make a presentation to Portland Public Schools Physical Education instructors the school curriculum. Meadows is assisting in the presentation and providing support to bring snowboarding and skiing lessons and fun to schools, having staged more than two dozen P.E. takeovers in schools so far this fall and winter. 

Burton’s commitment is so strong, they’ve partnered with Snow Park Technologies, the world’s foremost park designers, to prototype Riglet park and terrain based learning features. STP is renown for X-Games sized park and feature design, but has joined with Burton to improve the experience a 3 year old receives at the resort.

Snow Park Technology's Danny Terhardt advocates terrain based learning for little shredders through the Riglet Parks.  

Q&A with Burton Resort V.P. Jeff Boliba

What is unique about the Meadows / Burton partnership? 

We share a sense of responsibility and relentless commitment to growing the sport of snowboarding and we have already accomplished a lot in a short amount of time working together on the Burton Learn To Ride programs.  These are two authentic and passionate brands that compliment each other in many ways.

How does this partnership benefit Meadows guests? 

The Meadows guest now has access to Burton¹s innovative LTR product that, complimented with Meadow¹s progressive on-snow programs, will make learning and progressing easier and fun for riders of all ages and ability  levels.

Why is Meadows a good partner for Burton (and why is Burton a good partner for Meadows)? 

We believe that at the intersection of great product, quality education and top notch destination we can provide a great experience for snowboarders of all ability levels that will keep them coming back for more. 

How will this partnership contribute to industry efforts to grow the sport? 

Together our efforts are going to help make snowboarding more creative, fun, accessible and will invite many new people to try snowboarding.

What would you like to tell our guests? 

At Burton we are committed to increasing global participation by improving all elements that invite, attract, engage and retain riders of all abilities. Our collaborative efforts with Meadows will help us achieve our goals in this vital snowboarding region.