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Acres of Corduroy on a Spring Like Day in Juneuary

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January 25. And the temperature in the base area reached 58 degrees. Really? Check the calendar - it must be JUNEuary. And you know what that means. All out, wall to wall, fantabulous corduroy - acres and acres for your carving pleasure. 

Firm in the morning - softening up in the afternoon. Groom it at night - repeat. We have a few days of spring perfection - so get your spring riding in now. Winter will be back - and if the weather becomes as wintery ferocious as last year, we may not see spring conditions again until May!

About the video. The only thing we did different was to get an early load on Daisy, so we could board Cascade at 8:55. That gave our crew a 10 minute head start over the other Cascade cruising cravers. Our first run was down Arena - awesome! Spring like hero snow, hard enough to set edges but soft enough to carve the turn. The next run was Outer Limits still excellent groomed runs and tons of coverage. Yeah there's some bare spots mainly in southern exposed areas, but we focused on all the great coverage. Our group split with some heading over to Shooting Star and others heading back to the base area - it was almost 10 AM and we had to get back to work. One last ride up Mt. Hood Express and a run down North Canyon to finish off the video.