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Meadows Launches Shipyard Rope Tow

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Mt. Hood Meadows has added a new feature to the Shipyard Rail Park - a rope tow that allows freestylers to take continuous laps in the park without having to hike or take a longer chairlift ride. The park has been extremely popular this season and currently has eight rail features for jibbing. The rope tow will make the park more popular and fun, says resort spokesman Dave Tragethon.

Shipyard Rope Tow at Mt. Hood Meadows

“Most of our park enthusiasts have been hiking their favorite feature over and over and over. And while that is great for building skills on that one feature, it doesn’t do much for flow. Lapping the park required a 400 foot uphill trudge. This rope tow allows our park riders to hit several features, get creative with their lines and be returned to the top quickly for their next run. It is not only a convenience, but it will help build freestyle skills by getting more hits in per session.”

The Shipyard Rope Tow is scheduled during all lift operational hours. The fee is $10 / hour, or $25 for the entire day. The Shipyard Rope Tow is also included in the Southside Season Pass for $289, a new pass at Meadows this season providing access to four chairlifts favoring the many freestyle parks on the south side of the resort.