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All It Takes Is Snow Video

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Deep fresh pow makes for fun carving at Mt. Hood MeadowsIsn't it amazing how just a little bit of snow can make such a huge difference? Richard Hallman photo.

This past week's storm had been toying with us, the freezing level flirting with pass levels, sprinkling us with a wintery mixture of freezing rain, sleet, snow and snrain. Then, gratefully, this cold front pushed the storm out, dropping the levels and giving us some accumulation. In the base area we saw about 5 inches, but higher up on the mountain we received up to 17 inches. It was a great refresher and more than enough to play around in. 

Pierce Hodges Video

This return to winter reminds us of why we like to hit the mountain. Physical exercise. Pulse pounding adrenaline rush, diving into untracked tufts of snow, jumping off wind drifts and trusting there will be a soft landing of snow below to land in. Chasing the snow, finding the new places it hides in, exploring the mountain with friends. 

New snow gives flight to Tommy Ellingson at Mt. Hood MeadowsWe are grateful for this snowfall and look forward to getting more this season. Richard Hallman photo.

Know that we are committed to our daily operational schedule, and will make the most of whatever snow and weather conditions we get. 

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