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Meadows Limits Lifts Friday Offers $39 Lift Ticket

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Top 10 reasons to ride Meadows FridayMt. Hood Meadows will be limiting lifts to Mt. Hood Express (9 AM - 4 PM) and Buttercup (9 AM - 9 PM) and Daisy (4 PM - 9 PM) for Friday and offering a special $39 9 AM - 4 PM lift ticket and a $20 3 - 9 PM Friday evening ticket (Daisy and Buttercup lifts scheduled from 4 - 9 PM.)

Meadows spokesman Dave Tragethon says this is in response to Thursday's turnout, explaining, "The current weather is keeping guests from enjoying the slopes. With the 5 inches of snow we received earlier this week, coverage and surface conditions are very good, but now the rain is keeping people away. We expect a similar low turnout on Friday, so we're adjusting operations accordingly." 

Mt. Hood Express and Buttercup are scheduled to operate from 9 AM - 9 PM Friday. With the reduced lift the resort is also discounting the 9 AM - 4 PM lift ticket to just $39, and a $20 3 - 9 PM Friday evening ticket. and has come up with a "Top 10 Reasons to Ride Friday."

10. Great chance to test out your waterproof gear.
  9. The Human Body is 60% water - so you'll feel perfectly normal.
  8. You probably won't get sunburned.
  7. Our Sport Shops are having a SALE!
  6. There's no snow on the roads and you'll get front row parking.
  5. You LOVE Mt. Hood Express and Buttercup is AWESOME!
  4. It might actually snow at some point during the day.
  3. What rain? I'm from Oregon.
  2. $39 9 AM - 4 PM Lift Ticket.
  1. You Love to Ride!

A couple of other reasons are - no lunch line at the Schuss, and the hot drink menu at the Alpenstube bar is awesome! As always we recommend checking the conditions page for operational updates. The resort plans continued daily operations for the rest of the season.