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Responsibility Code 3 Stop Where You Can Be Seen

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Rolling trails at Mt. Hood Meadows

Choosing a smart place to stop requires being aware of one’s surroundings. Mt Hood has terrain that is somewhat unusual because we’re skiing and riding on a volcano! This volcanic landscape includes many rolls, knobs, moraines, cliffs, boulders and trees that can make you invisible from above. While many resorts have some of these undulations, we are fortunate to have our Meadows full of these playground-like features. Our complicated and inconsistent terrain has spawned a very creative style of riding. However, this winter playground requires extra awareness. Always stop in safe place for you and others. 

If Hosts or Patrol see you in an unsafe spot, they will stop where they are visible from above, and from that safer location, will call down to you to encourage you to move to a less hazardous stopping spot. Pardon us for raising our voices when we do this. We try never to shout. We'd be happy to follow up with a full conversation in a less hazardous location. 

Interestingly, Oregon Skier Statutes omit an explicit duty to stop in a smart and visible location. This is one difference in the duties under State Law and the Responsibility Code. 

On-mountain staff will engage guests they see catching air over features where the guest cannot see if the landing zone is clear. Patrol and Hosts will spread awareness of The Code and Oregon Law and suggest using spotters in such instances. We stand ready to coach our jibbing and jumping guests, as well as the rest of us, on how to play safely on our volcanic and super fun terrain. And of course we stand ready to remove from our shared slopes those guests that do not play safely despite our educational efforts. 

Be smart, stay aware. Choose where you stop just like you choose where, and how, you ski. 

You are responsible.