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Sean is Amazing

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I was at Meadows last night (Thursday the 20th) with the Washington State School for the Blind ski program.  We had Sean at the bottom of the Ballroom carpet.  The guy was - in a word - amazing.  

He was extraordinarily helpful getting the kids through the gate, aligned properly, and on the carpet.  He didn't just get them on - he taught them how to get themselves on.  He laughed and joked with the kids, too, making them have more fun and feel more comfortable.  

As we were leaving and another liftie was coming in, Sean didn't just take off.  He made sure to train the new liftie on how to best work with our kids.

The man deserves a medal.  Thanks Sean!!

-- Patrick

Meadows Note: Sean works in lift maintenance - and is here in the evenings to assist when there's a problem with a lift. But he offered to assist loading (a lot of our staff members are taking on extra responsibilities as we manager staffing levels). It's great to see him acknowledged for this level of guest service. Sean is represents the spirit, commitment and can-do attitude of our staff - especially those who our guests don't normally get a chance to meet. Way to go Sean - you are making us proud!