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Treated Like Royalty

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Dear Mountain Management,

I think its time for me to  share a super cool story- one that made a meaningful  difference to my family.

I  had a retirement party the Friday night before the High School races this last  Saturday-  Amazingly I was up the next morning early.    We arrived  at Mt Hood Meadows  in plenty of time.

Unfortunately I had left my wallet with my credit cards at home in  Portland .  I was in shock I had no money on my person.  I thought about it for a few minutes so I made my way to the front desk.  There was a  problem solver asking folks in line what they needed.  It made the line go quicker which was nice.  So I told the problem solver my situation.  He  listened to me- assessed my situation and took care of me like like royalty.

I was so stoked how I was treated!  My son first race was a DNF- The second race he finished both run with a good effort.  It happened because a Mt Hood Meadows employee listened and I was able to share the race experience with my son. 

Thank you,

— Mike