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Thanks for Keeping it Positive

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MHM has always been a great area. In the past it was a great area run by a construction company. Now it's a great area run by a company that cares about the customers, and it looks like cares about the employees. Didn't get the sense employees were just doing time this past season. They made a point to make the day fun and that is what it's about. That positive attitude reflects management as well as staff.

Your crews did an exceptionally good job of making an exceptionally bad snow season pretty positive. The mountain crew did what was needed to make sure critical areas had snow. MHM employees kept a positive attitude despite the snow conditions. Any customer who didn't take advantage of MHM snow has themselves to blame. Like most experienced skiers my preferences are steep and powder but in a snow drought any skiing is better than any gym. Too bad you're closing. I had to get back to Alaska late March but am heading south in a few days. Hope you're open if not tell the crews they did good.

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