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To Our Loyal Passholders

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Mt. Hood Meadows arrived!We want to sincerely thank you for sharing the season with us.  We hope you were able to make the most out of the skiing and riding experience we provided this year. We received far less snow than is typical for us and that has had an impact on our guests, employees and management team. We sympathize with the frustration that some passholders have expressed regarding the below average snowfall. We are proud of how our team responded and their hard work in creating the best possible skiing and riding experience we could for our guests with the conditions Mother Nature provided this season.

Our approach to this unusual season has been to do everything we can to make the most out of the precious little snow we received. While many other resorts closed early or tragically weren’t able to open at all, we have been able to operate over 110 days this season. Our investment in the snow harvesting, snowmaking and grooming resources that our talented Mountain Operations team has innovated really paid dividends this season.

We thank you for making the most of the season with us. This season’s storms, although lacking the staying power and multi-foot dumps we usually enjoy, were at least timely. The November 2014 snow set us up for some preview days. A storm just before Christmas allowed us to open our terrain from HRM on up and operate all of our high-speed quads for the holiday. Snow falls just before MLK and President’s weekend gave us good conditions for those holidays. There were even a few choice powder days in the mix.

Photos of the season at Mt. Hood Meadows

While we look forward to future seasons and a return to normal weather patterns delivering the usual abundant and generous snowfall we are accustomed to, we remain confident that regardless of how much snow we receive, our team will make the most of it for our guests.
In an expression of our confidence, we are now including with every Unlimited Season Pass purchase our “100 Day Guarantee”.
We guarantee that we will operate at least one of our high-speed quad lifts a minimum of 100 days next season. For every day we fall short of 100, a discount in that amount will be applied as a credit for the purchase of the following season’s pass. That means if the ski area operates only 80 days with at least one high-speed quad, a 20% discount will be applied to the passholders pass purchase the following season. 

With this renewed commitment we are pleased to announce the renewal pricing on your 2015-16 Season Pass. Our goal with this pricing is to give our passholders who renew each season the best possible value.

Renewal Pricing

By purchasing by May 31, 2015, you not only receive this preferred rate reserved for you, but you will also receive added value:

  • A FREE bonus ticket for first-time renewers, two FREE bonus tickets for 2+ year renewers, to give to friends you bring to ski with you
  • 5 Discount buddy tickets for friends (minimum $20 discount each)
  • Continued enrollment in our Loyalty Rewards program
  • A free weekday, non-holiday demo equipment rental ($60 value)
  • 5 FREE days at Mt. Baker (weekdays only through February 28 than every day February 29 through closing. Blackout Dates December 19- January 2)
  • Free summer chairlift rides Saturdays and Sundays in August

To renew your pass now, simply have your pass media handy to enter the ID# when you visit our renewal page. Your pass is the key to getting you the very best price possible on next season’s pass. You can also renew other passes in this same transaction. 

Keep in mind, the preferred pricing and incentives are offered through May 31, 2015. You can lock in the price and these incentives for just $49 now, with the balance due in two payments made on August 15th and September 15th  (plus a $10 service fee). 

You can view all of our pricing for 2015-16 season passes here.

Pass Pricing

You can count on us to make every effort with the snow we receive to create the best skiing and riding experience possible for our guests. We are confident this commitment and proven ability makes Meadows the best resort to invest in for your winter recreation.

On behalf of our entire staff, we thank you for choosing to recreate at Mt. Hood Meadows. 


Matthew B. Drake
Chairman and CEO

Charles Jake Bolland
Chief Operating Officer