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Winter-like Weather Brings Summer Scenic Chair Rides to an Early End

Summer gives way to the changing season at Mt. Hood MeadowsIt’s with bitter-sweetness that we announce our summer scenic chair and Sun Deck restaurant won’t operate this weekend, due to the near winter-like weather forecast. We’re happy to see the change in the weather, but we’re sad to miss the last weekend of summer operations.

We had a great season this August - enough to know that there is more summer in our future! The events were a sampling of the different mountain life-style activities that naturally draw people to the mountain. And Meadows in summer really can’t be beat - with the breathtaking beauty of the wildflowers, waterfalls and magnificence of Mt. Hood. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing the summer side of Meadows and plan a lengthier summer season in 2016.

We thank our staff who served as your summer guides and appreciate all who joined us at Meadows this summer. 

Now for winter - bring it on!