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Passholder Referral Program Deadline September 30

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Passholder deadline is September 30 to be involved with referral programMt. Hood Meadows has announced a new program where unlimited season passholders can earn added value on their pass, as well as on those passes they refer. The Referral Value program starts October 1, but only those passholders who purchased their unlimited pass by September 30 are eligible to participate.

The referral program gives both the referring passholder, and the those referred $20 of added value. There is no limit to the number a passholder can refer. The only requirement is the referred pass must be from their same age group and be purchased online. It is up to the new pass purchaser to correctly enter the referral code for each to receive the $20, which is added to the passes upon the completion of the transaction. The added value can be used at Meadows for any purchase, as well for online transactions on the resort website and at the Altitude Mountain Lifestyle retail store in the Pearl District.

Executive Director of Communications Dave Tragethon says the program is designed to help passholders motivate their friends. “Our passholders are incredibly passionate about recreating on Mt. Hood. They love Meadows and want to enjoy it with friends. Hopefully, this offer will inspire them to reach out to others, give them a great deal on their pass and earn some added value as well.”

The Referral Value Program will be offered during the month of October. All unlimited passholders who made their purchase by September 30 will receive their individual referral codes October 1.

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