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A Sincere Thank You to our Passholders

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Mt. Hood from the Buttercup chair at Mt. Hood MeadowsWe want to send our sincere thank you from the management team at Mt. Hood Meadows for purchasing your 2015-16 unlimited season pass. Your commitment to recreate at Mt. Hood Meadows this winter provides us with the resources we need to bring on staff and we will work hard to deliver an experience that continues to earn your loyalty. With the temperatures dropping and new snow hitting the ground, there is excitement in the air and we are working hard to get the resort open for you as quickly as Mother Nature will allow. 

In addition to reaching out to thank you, we wanted to provide some of our perspective on a few changes we made last season and further information on what’s new for this season. We know that proactive dialogue with our most loyal guests is essential to continually improving our guest experience. Please keep your comments, questions and suggestions coming so we can learn from them and implement as best we can. 

Loyalty Program
Last season we launched our Passholder loyalty program and issued more than 27 million loyalty rewards points to passholders. If you aren’t familiar with the Mt. Hood Meadows loyalty program, you can find information here. Below are two of the comments we received regularly on the loyalty program and how we are addressing them.

“Loyalty points expire? How loyal is that?” – Yes this is a good point, we have changed our policy and loyalty points will not expire. Even points that were earned in past seasons will not expire.

“You don’t have a very good process in place for me to check my loyalty point balance and use them” – Another good point and passholders now have the ability to login to the website, view their balance and use them for online purchases.

Thank you for all the positive comments on this feature that many of you sent us when you noticed you could apply last season’s loyalty points to your pass purchase for this season. We plan to extend this ability even further so that you will be able to redeem points for passholder value or other MHM products through the website.

We hope these changes help demonstrate our appreciation of your loyalty and that you agree there is great value in our loyalty program as it allows you to earn between 10% and 20% in future value on almost all of your MHM purchases. Thank you for sticking with us as we continue to improve.

Passholder Appreciation Days
We initiated these events last season, at the suggestion of our passholders and they were well received. We will continue to have appreciation days for our passholders offering specials like double loyalty points, raffles, free loyalty points from scans, entertainment and great deals. We are still putting all the plans together for these individual events and we intend to have one event per month starting in December. These are our scheduled dates for passholder appreciation events: December 19th, January 2nd, February 14th, March 19th and April 10th.

RFID Test Gates
A recurring comment we received comes from guests who made it to the chair only to find out their ticket or pass was not working. To help alleviate this aggravation we have installed 3 RFID test stations so guests can ensure their ticket or pass works properly before getting to the lift. Test stations are located: 
     1) Across from the Concierge; 
     2) In front of Higher Grounds / Passholder Services; and 
     3) Near the outside Ticket Booth (installation of this station is almost complete).

Your input was critical for us to prioritize this solution in our summer projects – thank you for speaking up! 

ALTITUDE Mountain Lifestyle at 17th and Northrup
Many of you have likely heard of our new retail location “Altitude” located in the Pearl District on NW 17th and Northrup. In addition to having unique and fun lifestyle clothing, along with a cold beer or glass of wine, Altitude will serve as your gateway to purchase any MHM lift, lesson or rental product at our discounted online prices or get your season pass issued. We hope this will help you avoid lines on a powder day by serving your ticketing needs in Portland before you come to Meadows

These are a few of the changes we have in store for you this season along with many more, most of which you can read about here on our blog.

Your loyalty and patronage is what keeps us doing the jobs that we love and calling this beautiful place home and we hope you think of it as your mountain home as well. From all of us at Mt. Hood Meadows THANK YOU for supporting us with your purchase of a 2015/16 season pass. We appreciate and honor your support and we will be working hard to create the best experience we can for you this winter.


Matthew Drake
Chief Executive Officer

Jake Bolland
Chief Operating Officer

Steve Warila
VP of Mountain Operations

Matt Troskey
VP of Administration

Jeremy Riss

VP of Resort Operations

Dave Tragethon
Exec. Dir. of Sales and Marketing

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