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SNOWvember at Mt Hood Meadows

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Even before it started snowing you could feel the change in the air. That shiver up the spine feeling is more than cooler temperatures, it was the anticipation of seeing the first snowflakes that stick. Perhaps these are the ones we will be building a base out of for the rest of the season? 

That may be the case on the upper mountain - as there’s a good 3 to 4 inches or more at the top of Mt. Hood Express and more higher up. The pulse of the storm could build up the upper mountain base even more. In the base area there’s enough to get us stoked, but not enough to begin harvesting efforts. So it really is a treat for the eyes - snow on trees is so awesome, even if it’s not quite permanent yet.

It does make us look forward to the season and it is definitely #MeadowsPassTime! If you’ve purchased your pass already then know that the season is just a few weeks away. We’ve reviewed the forecasts and are optimistic that this strong El Nino will deliver the snow we all want to have a great season. If you haven’t purchased your pass yet - you have until Sunday to get your best price. Next week passes will be going up at the same time the snow will be falling down. Here’s a glimpse of the 10 Day forecast, and it is looking promising not just this week, but next week as well. 

10 day forecast looks like more snow for Mt. Hood Meadows

10 Day Forecast

Still on the fence? Now is the time to commit to a season filled with the ultra-sensory pleasures that only winter recreation provides. Let’s face it, winters in Oregon can be a gloomy gray procession of one overcast day after another. Before you know it, you’re in the depths of midwinter and you haven’t even gotten out to exercise. There’s a connection between the depression that creates this weather, and the depression that clouds your mind in the winter.

Consider your commitment to a season pass to be your catalyst to fully enjoy and get the most out of the season. What does a day on the mountain, ofttimes above the depressing socked in valley cloud cover, basking in the sunshine and setting your edges on freshly groomed corduroy carve after glorious carve, do for your psyche?

How will  you feel when you hear your friends used a midweek well-day and their pass to plunge into fresh powder, while you moped around at the office? 

Winter is meant to be slayed - and played.

The wellness benefit for your mind, body and soul is boundless. How many times do you emerge from Oregon’s winter in better shape than you entered it? That’s common for those using their season passes.

Of course, there are other even more tangible benefits with your Meadows pass, like the 100 day season guarantee. We just heard from two of the Oregon High School Snowboard Leagues that they are moving training and competitions back to Meadows. "The Gorge and Three Rivers League riders used to practice at night at Ski Bowl, but for the past two seasons there hasn’t been enough snow. So Gorge and Three River League snowboarders will be joining Metro and Sunset Leagues over at Meadows, which is at a higher elevation and has extensive night skiing infrastructure." Our elevation and advanced snow harvesting technology and savvy makes a tangible difference.

How about the Loyalty Rewards program that earns you tangible awards points on your non-lift ticket or pass purchases at Meadows? In one year, we issued more than 27 MILLION loyalty rewards points to our members, who can now use those points to make purchases on our web site, on their passes, or anywhere at the ski area. 

And if you’re looking to go beyond the awesome terrain Meadows offers, your unlimited pass includes five free days at Mt. Baker, a 25% discount off tickets at Big White and 50% off lift tickets during Jackson Hole’s 50th anniversary celebration January 11 - 31. 

Let’s not forget the discount buddy passes for you to bring your friends to Meadows.

Yes, a season pass is a commitment. A commitment to recreate. A commitment to get stronger, to think more clearly, to laugh loud and often! A commitment to spend time with friends and by yourself. A commitment to make the most of your winter, at Your Mountain Home. 

We understand a pass is a financial commitment. But think about everything you miss if you don't commit.