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Thanks to Meadows for Making Magic Every Day

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Note: Last week we sent a letter of appreciation to our loyal passholders that we then published on this blog. This response both humbled and delighted us, and we share it with pride to recognize the efforts our staff and crew makes.

Dear Matthew, Jake, Steve, Dave, Matt, and Jeremy,

If you're like most service industry-related professions, you undoubtedly receive far more emails to complain about something than ones that sing praise. Well, I am writing to sing praise about my and my family's experience last season and to thank you all for the work you did to make it happen. 

The snow wasn't epic last year, but we had an epic season of skiing and fun and it's all because of the hard work you and your respective teams did to make the season enjoyable and to save what could have been a disastrous year. 

It starts with your email below. Pitch perfect in my opinion. You guys received feedback about how to make the relationship between MHM and the passholders work better for us and you outlined the steps you've taken to implement changes with a clear explanation of why and how. I think the changes you've implemented are great and I really appreciate you taking care of us and for the explanation of what you've done. 

But this email is really about last season. The snow sucked. That's not news to anyone. But god**mn if you guys didn't make magic every day when you pushed around what was there. Because of your commitment to keeping Meadows open, you gave my sons, my other ski buddies and me a great season. So many awesome bluebird days where we just had fun skiing what was there and making the best of it. About 11am some days the snow would soften and we'd all ski our asses off and soak in the sunshine and finish the day with pints and nachos out on the deck and we'd all talk about how any day on the mountain beats a day in the city and then my boys would talk all the way home about how awesome the day was and we'd talk about how we could easily just live on the mountain and how much fun we'd had and on and on and on ...

My sons are 12 and 9 and they won't stay those ages much longer. In fact, I watch them growing taller and older and I panic a little that we only have so many seasons left together like this. Because of everyone at MHM we had an epically memorable season and we made memories I will look back on many years from now when the boys are grown and I'm riding a chair by myself and wishing I could put my arm around one of them while they are off being the adults they will soon be. Having any time on the mountain with them is really sacred to me because it is, without a doubt, the most fun we ever have together. 

Thank you for your hard work to make MHM the best it can be. Thank you to the friendly staff in Higher Grounds who serve us coffee as we eat breakfast on the tall tables out in the hallway. Thank you to Dan who always wears a smile and loves to talk about anything skiing or life related as he greets people and is the public face directing traffic outside the HPC. He is truly the greatest face MHM could have. Thank you to the folks in the Mazot who always have cold and hot drinks when we need them. Thank you so the friendly servers in the Alpenstube who are always good to us and are friendly and fun and put up with us, no matter how involved our orders or how chaotic our large group. Thank you to the groomers who somehow make magic happen when there is no new snow. Thank you to the friendly lift operators who seem as happy to be up there as we are and who are always looking out for us. 

It's funny, a lot of people who aren't skiers were surprised that we skied much at all last year. "Wasn't the snow terrible?" people would ask. "I heard there wasn't much skiing," they would say. Imagine their surprise when I would tell them, "You know, we had one of the best years ever because we just made the best of it. Meadows did an awesome job pushing around what was there. We had some incredible bluebird days that were just awesome. You might have heard the year was bad, but we had a blast. In fact, one of the most fun days was when it started pouring about 11am. The kids kept skiing and the rest of us settled into the upstairs bar and we had pizza and pints and listed to a fun reggae band all afternoon and it was awesome. The kids were soaked, but they loved it. I was drinking beers and listening to live reggae on the mountain. What's not to love?"

Finally, a very genuine thank you to you guys for overseeing it all. Thank you.


Eric A. 

(who is always praying for snow)