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Private Reserve Opens With Deep Deep Powder

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Private Reserve opened for some deep powder skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows Grant Myrdal PhotoWith deep, light, bottomless powder comes great delight - but also great responsibility. Meadows is in the midst of a powder generating storm the likes of we haven’t seen for at least three seasons. The powder has been light, deep and outrageously fun to float in. It’s as good as it gets, except every day, it’s gotten better.

Private Reserve opened today with access to God’s Wall, Elk and Yoda Bowls. Buddies were required the first hour, and we highly recommend entering this awesome gated terrain with a partner, keeping an eye on each other. Powder tantalizes you, creating an almost hypnotic appeal seeking plunge after floaty plunge into that tempting goodness. But it can also lead you into danger - SIS - Snow Immersion Suffocation. Yes, as heavenly as powder can be, it can also kill you. is a web site that explains the perilous danger that lies under all that delicious powder. A common trap is tree wells, empty spaces near the base of conifer trees, that literally suck unaware skiers and snowboarders into their wells. A review of is in order before heading into the wonderful powder we are enjoying.

That’s where your buddy comes in and why it’s so important to keep an eye on each other. Packing a shovel, probe and beacon is highly advisable. 

Enjoy the powder - but approach it with the respect it deserves.

KING5 in Seattle ran a great story on tree wells and deep snow safety.

KING5 Story

This Sunday our Snow Safety team will present an avalanche awareness course. It's designed for those interested in backcountry traveling, and introduces the recognition of avalanche danger and how to reduce the risk. It's free, but we need you to preregister as there is a limited amount of seats available.

Avalanche Awareness Class