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50 Years Ago Today Mt. Hood Meadows Permit Awarded

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USFS awards Mt. Hood ski area permit to Mt. Hood Meadows, LTD on April 27, 19661966 — 50 years ago TODAY (April 27, 1966)

Mt. Hood Meadows, Oregon Ltd., a Portland-based group organized by contractor Franklin Drake, has been picked as developer for a new winter sports site at Hood River Meadows on the southeast face of Mount Hood. The Hood River Improvements Corporation was the only other bidder on the project. First phase of construction is planned for completion by Dec. 31, 1967.

On April 27, 1966 Mt. Hood Meadows, Ltd., was selected by the U.S. Forest Service to develop a winter sports site on 1380 acres on the southeast face of Mt. Hood. Founder Franklin Drake’s original goal was to win the USFS permit and then build and operate the best ski area in the west. Franklin saw the potential of the proposed permit area when he hiked the area, and then toured it by helicopter. He assembled a team of professionals to plan out the original two lifts and T-Bar and put together an investment group to move into construction once the permit was awarded.

The 40th anniversary video (segment 1) documents the early days very well. We are both proud of and thankful for the efforts and vision of our founder and the early Meadows “pioneers” who made this dream a reality. 

We are already making plans for our 50th anniversary season, coming up in 2017/18.