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Outstanding Weekend for Wounded Warriors and Their Families

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Wounded warriors enjoy time with their families at Mt. Hood MeadowsAgain this season Mt. Hood Meadows hosted a group from wounded warriors, veterans and their families, to come up and have some on-the-snow fun together. Some of the participants were assisted with specialized adaptive equipment and instruction. 

Also taking his first adaptive ski lesson was John Williams, the creator and host of Wheelchair Destinations. He is working on a video with the US Forest Service to demonstrate how ski resorts on USFS lands are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Here’s a note from Ed Bronsdon of Outdoors for All Foundation that assisted with these projects. We appreciate the thanks, but more importantly, are happy to support the great efforts that these organizations are taking to make outdoor recreation accessible for everyone!

John Williams of Wheelchair Destinations takes his first adaptive lesson at Mt. Hood MeadowsThanks for ordering the stellar weather this past weekend!

On Friday, I enjoyed helping John Williams with Wheelchair Destinations capture video of a “first tracks” sit-skiing lesson. I have heard that our group of injured veterans and their family members thorough enjoyed their weekend of skiing and snowboarding, too.

Once we get some other photos from the weekend from that excursion I’m sure that we’ll tag Mt. Hood Meadows in those posts. I’m also sure that once John produces his video for the USFS that he’ll send you and us links to that.

Thanks for being so accommodating to us all!

Ed Bronsdon
Executive Director, Outdoors for All Foundation