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Uphill Hiking This Week

We are in the transition period from regular winter operations to our weekend only spring schedule and then on to summer operations.  Please be aware if you are arriving to hike for turns.

During the week when we are closed we will not enforce our no up-hill travel policy that is in place throughout the winter.  Please make sure that you let anyone you encounter know the following information:

  • There is currently no patrol or other assistance available.
  • There is no hazard marking.
  • Visitors are on their own and we strongly encourage that they go elsewhere.
  • On our re-set days for weekend operations (Thursdays in April and the first two Fridays in May) we will no longer allow up-hill travel through that Sunday.
  • As always sledding is not allowed (there are many other areas on Mt. Hood that accommodate that activity).

During our set-up days and while we are operating on the weekend we ask that those hiking for their turns use our usual back-country access routes (South Boundary via Mitchell Creek and the Heather Run-out) and only re-enter the ski area into open terrain.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time of transition.