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John Bain and Michael Birch-Jones Receive Leadership Awards

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President's and FGD Leadershp awards presented at Mt. Hood MeadowsPictured: C.O.O. Jake Bolland, Michael Birch-Jones, John Bain and C.E.O. Matthew Drake

Each year Mt. Hood Meadows recognizes two leaders in our company for their accomplishments in fostering success. The President’s Award highlights someone who has excelled in their department, while the FGD Leadership Award is focused on contributions to the company as a whole. Together they represent the aspirations of our Founder Franklin Drake, and President Matthew Drake, for the company they have built, nurtured and want to see flourish for years to come through strong leadership and our Core Values.

Rental Center Manager Michael Birch-Jones Receives the President’s Award

Michael received multiple nominations from his peers for the President’s Award presented for the superior performance of his department. HIs team mates noted that 2015-16 was a season of crushing demand. Nowhere was this more apparent than our rental center. Michael was forced to take this challenge head on. He looked in all directions, reaching out interdepartmentally, in order to solve the great problem of having a huge group of guests clamoring for our service. Throughout the season he was always focused on improving the guest experience

Michael is a Leader. He sets and communicates expectations with his staff every morning and in the afternoon with the night shift. He has created an environment of team work with his crew both techs and sales staff. Michael is a great role model, jumping in next to his team where ever needed. Michael also is great at handing out recognition to the staff which is always appreciated and he has allowed his team to recommend people for employees of the month. Michael is also great at recognizing exceptional staff members and trains them to become leaders in the rental center.

Guest Services Director Chris Kastner presented Birch-Jones with the President's Award, saying, “It is very clear to me that Michael demonstrates and communicates the company’s core values. He also is a role model for his entire staff in these areas and you can see this with the team as they try and emulate Michael’s values. That is what makes Michael a strong leader.”

Chris Kastner congratulates Michael Birch-Jones on receiving the Meadows President's AwardGuest Services Director Chris Kastner congratulates Michael Birch-Jones

Mountain Safety Manager John Bain Receives the Franklin G. Drake Leadership Award

John also was nominated by many of his manager and director peers for this award that recognizes a team member who emulates the leadership qualities and principles of Meadows founder Franklin Drake. Those nominations acknowledged how John always has a great attitude, leads by example, and works towards the bigger picture! John’s growth of the mountain safety program has been a great opportunity for enhancing the on hill safety awareness of both guests and employees. John approaches guest education with a smile.  He is a pro at traffic flow and is willing to help out where ever he is needed.  His staff is friendly and helpful.  John can be counted on to keep people safe.

Director of Ski Patrol and Risk Management Mel Toney presented the award, saying, “John consistently does a phenomenal job not only leading his hosts but helping all of our staff provide consistent slope safety messaging and education.  He embodies our Core Values and operates on a daily basis with our Mission and Vision in mind.  John keeps us on the right track.  Though some of our conversations are difficult at times, he is extremely passionate about the moral integrity of our company on every level of operation. He has been operating in this manner year after year and deserves to be recognized.”

Mel Toney presented the Mt. Hood Meadows FGD Leadership Award to John Bain.Director of Ski Patrol and Risk Management Mel Toney presented John Bain with the FGD Leadership Award