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Skiing more days than your age

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Tom Streit logging one of his 75 days at Meadows this season on Shooting Star Ridge.Did you ski your age this season? We want to thank passholder Tom Streit for contacting us with this great suggestion:

“I am a multi-year season pass holder. I think it would be great if you acknowledged who skied the most days overall and by age group, not including employees. As you see by Track your turns. I skied 75 days and I am 71 years old. It was a great year and I purchased my 2016/2017 pass today!”

First, way to go Tom! Anyone who is logging 75 days of skiing, pursuing there passion deserves kudos! Note that Tom is primarily a midweek skier and that he hits the snow in a variety of conditions. So he’s not just seeking powder or a fair weather friend. His photo above was shot on Shooting Star Ridge by Grant Myrdal. 

Check your ski day count

Tom’s suggestion prompted us to take a look at how our passholders did skiing their age this season. The graph below has passholder age in blue, and the number of skier days each tallied in red. As you can see that up to about age 25, our passholders do a pretty good job skiing their age. And there are even some in their 30s that are keeping pace. And although there are a lot of our 40+ getting in a good amount of ski days, it becomes harder to keep up with their age. Still there’s a great participation rate and you still see more red than blue meaning they’re getting in skier visits at more than half their age. 

Days skiing by age during Mt. Hood Meadows 2015/16 season

You want to keep skiing more days than your age? Here's some advice from Tom:

"Don't read the weather report. Don't worry about the road conditions. Don't pay any attention to what lifts are running (There is good skiing on every lift.) It helps to have a good skiing buddy like my brother in law, Ron Anderson who was with me on 60 of my 75 days. And always be nice to the lift operators and thankful for the groomers." - Tom Streit - 71 years old / 75 days at Meadows

It’s inspiring to look over at the right side of the scale and see how many of our senior skiers are logging big numbers. So a shout out to Tom and all the Septuagenarians who are still tallying ski days and major vertical at Meadows!

Want to send your congrats to Tom or post your days or vertical? Log into Facebook and make a comment.