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Paint the Mountain in the Nude

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Hobbyists receive professional guidance to paint their masterpiece of Mt. HoodAs summer runs late, the mountain slowly undresses it’s nighty of snow, revealing its natural beauty beneath. Painters and hobbyists will join together Saturday, August 27 to capture the mountain in all it’s naked glory on canvas. Provocative? Perhaps. But for those attending the splendor of the mountain and their artistry is let loose with a glass of Naked Winery. Inhibition dismissed - now the artist within takes over and creates a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of the mountain.

At this point it is important to clarify that the painters remain clothed at all times.

Mt. Hood Meadows has partnered with Paint Nite and Naked Winery to present an afternoon of wine and canvas painting. An artist in residence for the event will provide guidance and inspiration to those attending who apply paint to canvas to crate their own painting. The registration is $45 and that includes all the paint, brushes, instruction, a smock and the canvas they keep plus a complimentary glass of Naked Winery wine. 

Vice President of Marketing Dave Tragethon says an interesting transformation occurs during the event. ”In just about two hours, while our hobbyists are sipping on a glass of wine, the performing artist guides them through the painting. With the mountain as inspiration and the artist as their guide, our participants are amazed by what they create.” This is the second year Meadows and Paint Nite have presented this event.

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