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New Boot Rack and Drying System Gives Rental Center Techs Super Human Powers

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The Meadows Rental Center boot fitters will have super powers this season, able to move two thousand pounds - literally a TON of boots - with just two fingers. And that will also move the rental center lines more quickly on busy days according to Rental Center Manager Michael Birch-Jones who takes us on a tour of the boot room where a new Wintersteiger boot rack and drying system is being installed this fall.

The racks were custom made for the Rental Center and hold between 1300 and 1400 boots, replacing the antiquated “boot trees” that the shop had been using for decades. The racks are also connected to a forced air system pushes ambient air or warm air into the boot. Each rack has it’s own thermostat and timer allowing the technicians to most efficiently dry boots to meet the demands and needs of Rental Center guests.

Another advantage of the new boot drying racks is it creates more space for pre-teching skis for online advance registration. The Rental Center will be able to set up skis and snowboards, set them in racks adjacent to the boot room, with their lift ticket attached. When the guest arrives they go directly to boot fitting (by passing any lines of guests registering and paying at the point of sale.) Once they are fitted in comfortable boots, the guest grabs the pre-teched skis and lift ticket and is on their way to the lifts.

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