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Major Winter Storm to Hit the Northwest

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Major winter storm system approaches the Northwest image from

It’s early in the season and we’re already getting pummeled with winter storms. Local forecasters expect more precip and cold temperatures with an above average snowpack on Mt. Hood this season!

In advance of the storm, we present this Winter Storm Warning video put together by Meadows Film Festival winner Jake Woodard. 

This is a powerful storm that will deliver a lot of precipitation to the Northwest. And it looks like the freezing level will be dropping so we’ll see some accumulation over the weekend. It’s not enough to open with, keep in mind we’re over a month away from our preview “Pray for Snow” celebration November 19. But it certainly is enough to get us stoked for the season!

So it is time to get prepared!

  • Get your snow tires on
  • Winterize your vehicle
  • Finish up those projects around the house so you have free time to hit the powder when it comes
  • Do some extra crunches, cardio and thigh burners
  • Get your equipment tuned and waxed
  • Oh yeah - purchase your Meadows season pass!