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Are you doing your snow making rituals?

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We are on the verge of a great season - perhaps even the best ever! And while our hearts pound and souls yearn for an exhilarating run down the mountain, we must be patient while nature mounts the storm that eventually will open the mountain. So, what are you doing to expedite this process?

We all are at least a little superstitious. The video expresses what some of our guests and team members who joined us on our Pray for Snow Day do to make it snow.

Apparently, it’s all working. The forecast this week is very promising, and an opening - even if limited - is possible some time over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. When and how much of the mountain will be open is really up to you. So continue to do your snow dance, wave your fox tail, flush ice down the toilet, drink red wine, sleep with your pajamas inside out or with a spoon under your pillow. Whatever your ritual - DO IT!