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Prepare yourself for a big snowy weekend

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Asit Rathod in feather lite powder at Mt. Hood MeadowsThe weekend is upon us, and with all the snow in the forecast we want to help you prepare for your trip up to the mountain to make you as successful as possible!

Driving Up

If you are driving up, make sure your car is properly suited for the road conditions. Chains or traction tires will most likely be required by ODOT this weekend, so make sure you know how to put your chains on and where to put them on, don't wait until you're stuck! We also recommend checking our Conditions page as well as for the most up to date road conditions and chain requirements.

Winter Driving Tips

The snow is going to be piling up, so if you have a shovel toss it in the car. It may help you out of your parking spot at the end of the day as there could be up to a foot of accumulation throughout the day, or it could help if you do get stuck on your way up or down the mountain.

If you want to avoid driving altogether, consider riding our Park & Ride bus. It picks up in Tualatin, Beaverton and Gateway, and you get the added bonus of front row parking if you take the bus.

Park & Ride

Get Here Early

We recommend getting here early to avoid getting stuck in traffic or behind someone who isn't prepared. If you're coming up in the morning, plan on being in the parking lot by 8 AM. If you have your gear you can park in the HRM parking lot and skip the traffic on our main access road. The HRM lodge can sell lift tickets as well as issue season passes. The traffic on Highway 26 can get pretty backed up so you may want to consider taking I-84 to Highway 35. If traffic gets backed up on 26, that way can be quicker to get up to the mountain and back down at the end of the day.

Save Time - Purchase Online

Purchase your passes and lift ticket online in advance. It will not only save you some time, but it can save you some money as well. By purchasing online, you will already be in the system so we will just need to issue your ticket or pass rather than taking the time to enter your information. Spend less time standing in line looking at the snow and more time riding on it!

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