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Blasting through the 100 inch mark at the base area

Enjoying the powder at Mt. Hood Meadows - Grant Myrdal photoWith this major storm raging we've gone over the 100 inch mark in the base area. And our base depth will continue to grow as this storm isn't done yet. The last couple of days have been awesome, as these Pierce Hodges videos show:

The current storm total has brought us over 20 inches so far with more forecast through Monday. It's a big storm and has increased our base area snow depth to more than 100 inches. This is the fourth time in the past nine seasons that we've reached 100 inches by February 5 (2013 we reached 100 inches in January but then it settled to 98 inches by February 5). The average snow depth is 79 inches on February 5 in our base area - which is right around the 5400 foot level.

Base Depth on February 5 at Mt. Hood Meadows

What will the rest of the season bring? On average we receive 194 inches of snowfall after February 5. The last big La Nina season of 2011/12 we received 317 inches of snow after February 5! But even average snowfall in the second half of the season should continue to make this an epic season.