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Gated access areas closed today extreme conditions

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Avalanche Warning BannerOur gated access areas (Heather Canyon / Private Reserve) will be closed today due to extreme conditions. 

While it has been an epic 48 hours of ultra light powder at Meadows, which dropped three feet of snow since Sunday evening. Most of that has been extremely dry, light powder making for some exceptional riding in our gated access terrain of Heather Canyon and Private Reserve. However, the temperature this morning is 10 degrees warmer than Tuesday morning, and at one point reached 32 degrees Tuesday evening with rain on the lower mountain. That makes for a more dense, heavier snow, before turning back to lighter snow again. Still fun, but it is creating extreme conditions in our gated access terrain. Remember, there is three feet of light powder, 95% air, and now this heavy layer is being played on top of it. It’s a heavy frosting that our angel light powder cake can’t support, creating the extreme conditions.

Conditions today are completely different than they have been the last 48 hours.

Patrol will continue control missions into these areas, so it is imperative that all guests respect the boundaries and stay out of closed areas. Offenders will lose their passes, and lose access privileges for the rest of this season, and perhaps longer. 

Considering the extreme conditions we advise no uphill traffic even along the designated routes. Check out the avalanche danger at NWAC.

Avalanche danger NWAC Map

Thank you for your cooperation!